Thursday, May 15, 2014

Creator Writings 5-14&15-14

What Motivates You?

ImageWhat motivates you? Today, you are invited to take a very close look at your perceptions and how they influence your everyday decisions. Are you motivated by chaos, fear, discomfort or loss? Or are you motivated by love and joy? Allow yourself to look at your inner patterns and programming, see what you can stand to change and change it. Free will is yours. ~ Creator 

The Time….

ImageSo much on your Earth-plane is changing so quickly that you may feel it is difficult to keep up. What was once comfortable, familiar and made you feel safe no longer exists. Why continue in your ‘old ways’? They will, very soon, be obsolete. This is the time of the new reality, this is your time, and this is the time of change. ~ Creator

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