Monday, May 26, 2014

The Lightbringers: How To Manifest In A Time Of Great Change

Let's preface this message with a Lightbringers quote from the website -
“We ask the inhabitants of Earth to connect with the long-forgotten knowledge that you are citizens of the universe who came here to take part in a divine experiment. You were selected because of the great power and beauty you possess, but you have forgotten who you are. Now you must remember and activate the divine part of yourselves that has lain dormant for so long.”

Channelled By Nancy Van Domelen 

We welcome you, our dear friends. The souls incarnating on Earth’s plane have just passed through a thirty-day period last month that was intense on many different levels. The planetary configuration of April was powerful and seldom experienced. A grand cross of planetary energies was in direct alignment — an unusual and very rare placement that appears only when a massive shift is underway on Earth. Your solar system is a microcosmic blueprint reflecting major spiritual themes that are manifesting throughout your universe.

At certain key intervals spiritual powers increase, providing the catalyst for transformative growth. 2012 was the year in which your planet’s vibratory field opened to receive new more refined energies, which began to enter. The three-year cycle of 2013, 2014 and 2015 is providing the touchstone that will shift many living on your planet to a more advanced way of life.

In order for this monumental change to occur, the people of Earth must turn to a new and more highly advanced way of functioning. The vibratory energies of this three-year period are assisting anyone who is committed to spiritual growth. In order for you to see clearly the power of this shift, we ask that you take a moment and quietly reflect on the condition of your life in 2012. What were the key issues you were dealing with at that time? What kind of person were you then?

Do you feel that you have evolved into a higher state of being since that time? If you can identify ways in which you are living at a new, more refined level, then you are absorbing the powerful spiritual energies that are entering all over your planet. These energies will assist you in developing capabilities you did not have before or possessed them in a more diminished form.

One of the abilities that humans in the future must have is the power of manifestation. Since the circumstances of life will shift and change continually, it is essential that you have the capacity to adapt and create what you need in life. The first step in doing so is believing that you, with universal assistance, can bring into your life whatever you desire. The key words here are universal assistance.

True manifestation involves two primary components. The first is having the firm conviction that you can create in your life whatever you want. The second requires calling upon the powers of spirit to assist in the manifestation process. This is the true significance of the word “co-creation” that has been so often used in recent years. A more advanced avenue of manifestation is opened up when a connection is made to the realm of spirit.

Today most people who want to create something new in their life rely solely on their personal ability to do so. Only the most focused are able to manifest quickly and effectively. And only a very rare few connect with the abundant universal power readily available to assist in the process. We bring this information to you now because it is vitally important that you steer a direct and purposeful course in life as monumental change swirls all about you.

We would like to take a moment to address the positive aspects of change. It is essential that you see the need for change in all areas of life and that you embrace it. A new cycle of advanced human functioning is in its initial formative stage. In order for it to manifest, the old ways must end and a new kind of life needs to emerge. Look at life as a garden that needs to grow a new and better crop. Change is the catalyst that will help bring this about.

The manifestation process is quite simple. Identify what you want to create in your life. Mentally develop a strong and clear intent as to what you want to manifest. Project that focused intent out into your world. Call upon the power of spirit to assist you in the endeavor. And let it all go with the conviction that what you want manifested will come to you. Always attach what is for the highest good to your intent and be aware that the timing may be different than what you expect.

Why is the ability to manifest quickly and effectively so important now? There is hardly a person on the planet that won’t be affected by changing circumstances. Once changes in life occur, something different must be created to fill the void. For this reason, the ability to manifest will be essential. To be able to provide for your needs quickly and effectively while calling upon the abundance of the universe to assist you will be the common capability of those who are yet to come.

Please reflect upon our words through the lens of your soul knowing. Start to practice the process of manifesting we have offered above. Be sure to always connect to the abundance of spirit. When you identify that your manifestation process has been successful, you will gain more confidence in your ability to create what you need under any circumstance. By developing this advanced capability, those of you currently incarnating on Earth are building the bridge over which those in the future will walk.


Thanks to Antje for suggesting this message...DT the ET

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