Saturday, May 31, 2014

Heavenletter #4935: Where Are We?

Channeled by Gloria Wendroff On 5-30-14

God said:
Consider the world nothing but love stirring. I tell you that I love you with all My heart. You make Me happy. You make Me smile. You make Me laugh. I enjoy you, and never do I leave you.

I am with you before, after, and between time on Earth. You are the embrace in My heart that never ends. You are the embrace and the call of My heart. Our hearts resound. Our hearts sing and dance. I lift you up to the Highest Heavens, and you are light in My arms. I know no weight. I know only light and lightness. You are beyond the threshold of My heart. You are over the door-sill. You are My companion for all-time.

You are My delight. There is room always for My delight. You are One Child I carry as if cradled in My heart. I carry you everywhere, and I swing along with you. How We love. We know naught else. There is no effort to our love, no weight to it. We bounce along in love. We come across more love on the way, and We add more love as We strew more love along the way.

Our love is like seeds We strew, leaving nothing but love in the wake. There is nothing but love to leave and nothing but love to see ahead. There is nothing but love on the loose. Love looks for where love can be planted and grow, and this is all-around everywhere.

We draw a picture of love, as if starting with a dot and then swirling and swirling into an ever-widening circle. There is no end to it. Love reaches itself and is enchanted. Love leaves no place for anything else.
The whole world is rising in love. Soon there will nothing to see but love, evidence of love, and I am Love, and you are love, and all there is is love running around, bumping into love and more love, love bursting, spilling, eddying, sweeping everything within sight.

Hail to love, the whole content and purpose of the Universe, the holding and beholding of the Universe, love free for all.

Where does love come from? Everywhere. Where does love go? Everywhere. What is love?

Everything. When did love begin? Love never was not. Where is my love, you may ask. You have never been without it. In the darkest moments, love was. You grabbed onto distractions along the way. Go further now. Go deeper now.

You have always been found. You were never alone. I AM with you, surrounding you, claiming you, and you are surrounded and claimed with love, crowned with love in every direction and directionless at the same time.

Love sits on the hearth and in every heart. Love knows no bounds. Love can be overlooked, yet never not unheralded. I bid you love. I bid you a good day. I bid you light. I give you a map that leads simply and clearly to the center of you who art My love. If I say you are My love, you can be sure of it.

My love is not a string I dangle. My love is forthright and strong, and you are My love wherever you may find yourself to be. There is only one place for you to be, and that is in My heart. You are My heart of hearts. We are One Heart together. We are all the love in the world wrapped up in One.

What did you get for Christmas? Why, you got Me. I am a long-lasting gift. I give you Myself, and We walk into Infinity where We belong and always have been. We hold hands. We hop and skip into Eternity holding hands. What else is there to do? Where else can We be but together in Eternity?

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