Friday, May 9, 2014

The Problem With God (The Word)


Written by Will Harader On 5-8-14

God is easily the most abused Being on the Planet, She’s an even bigger scapegoat than Obama. People blame God for all their problems, expect God to solve all their problems, and then curse God when She doesn’t. Imagine if you did that to another human being, it would be an extremely abusive relationship! Yet for some reason it’s okay when you do it to God, like you don’t have to show any kindness towards Her.

Oops, I seem to have used the “wrong” pronouns for God previously, I’ll bet that bothered a few belief systems. God is supposed to be a man, right? A bearded old guy that lives in the clouds or something along those lines. I’m not even sure how God can have a specific gender, isn’t God supposed to be the one who created male and female? Still, we’re taught to think of God as a “him”, and it’s what is comfortable for most people.

I can understand men referring to God as a man, it’s easier to relate to God that way. It makes God something more familiar and brings God closer. It makes God more personal, which is nice, though I’m not sure women referring to God as a man has the same effect. Personally, I don’t see God as a he or a she, I see God as a He and a She. Each are God expressed, and both are essential to the Whole. If you want to view Creator as male and Creation as female, I can understand, though I wouldn’t view them as separate either.

“We know when we understand, Almighty God is a living man” -Bob Marley

Sometimes I wish we had a better term than God because that one is all tied up with religion. Just saying God attracts arguments and conflict. Christians and Muslims want to come and tell you how God “really is”, atheists want to come and tell you God doesn’t even exist. I use the term because I don’t know of any other term that carries the same common understandings, but it often creates confusion too because the word god is tied up with so many prejudices.

When I say God, I mean Oneness, Love, Truth, the Universe, the Tao, Christ, Ein Sof, the Eternal Buddha, the Absolute, the Unknowable, Source. When I say God I mean Everyone and Everything, LIFE ITSELF, not the little gods that live in religious texts and belief systems. The image of “god” you have in your mind is always going to be wrong because God is so much bigger than your little mind.

GOD IS THE LIVING EXPERIENCE OF ONENESS! You try to hold onto that, define it, and turn it into a belief, you’ve lost it. God cannot be confined, the moment you try to fit God into a belief system, God has already expanded far beyond your belief system. God is moving at the speed of Light, and you’re trying to catch up in your car. You’re not going to reach the Unlimited through what is inherently limited. Why didn’t the photon carry any baggage on it’s trip? Because it’s traveling light! Drop all that baggage and lighten up some, you beautiful Being of Light. What do you have to lose, but your own fears and limitations?

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