Friday, May 9, 2014

HS Message - Deeper Upcoming Shifts, Openings, and Opportunities Propel All Forward n

 Channelled By April Bender On 5-9-14

Whew! Yes, as you've keenly assessed, an incredible amount of perturbation/commotion is happening within and throughout the 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life at this time. A vast restructuring/ordering is once again taking place, as the full wave induction of energies infused during the recent April Gateway, continue to seek their proper placement/alignment, integration, synthesis and flow/exchange along and within the Higher Mind/Web.

The reason this settling of portal/gateway energies is taking so long is because as one layer of these energies settles/integrates, those woven into the Higher Mind/Web are triggered, to varying degrees, from integration work back over to further facilitating the Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process, so that more of these highly charged energies can become fully aligned/integrated, their potential realized. However, there are some Light Warriors like you, who are oftentimes serving in both capacities simultaneously - a very exhaustive feat to be sure.

Do recall:
This avalanche of higher energetics surged throughout the Higher Mind/Web from the peak of the Cardinal Cross, all the way through this recent solar eclipse.

The Event. . .the opportunity to achieve full conscious self-awareness of the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, even if only for a few moments at first activation. I am pleased to tell you that this was achieved, though only very, very briefly.

However, as soon as this was achieved, individual circuit breakers (or Warriors of Light) along and within the Mind/Web began to pop/trip due in part to such intense "voltage" and lingering collective blockages, misalignment, or pockets of dissonance within the Mind/Web - and also in part, due to the integration of more souls along and within the Higher Mind/Web during this window. For remember the point of such intense waves and gateways is to give All the opportunity to ascend as far as they are able - up until the very last moment/sealing (which is still a few earth years away)

April 2014 Gateway Draws to a Close

As you felt so acutely, this surge sent shock waves of light rippling throughout the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, causing the massive short-circuiting of many nodal points along the Mind/Web. One by one, these pathways/nodal points are now being regenerated/reconfigured, new souls/minds and timelines integrated, creating what you could call The Collective Higher Mind/Web version 2.0, as greater unification and harmony is found through the continued overall Sequencing Process. (Over the course of the following months/years this Mind/Web will obviously experience many refinements, reconfigurations, and/or "upgrades," even well past it's point of achieving full self-awareness, though perhaps not as drastically.)

This regeneration and reconfiguration is greatly contributing to your sense of time/space seemingly shifting and/or altering within and around you. Indeed, it is a natural by-product of the overall work/transformation that is happening at the level of the Higher Collective. The other cause of your sense of time/space distortion is the regeneration/reconfiguration of your overall light-body, soul-vessel, and/or spiritual body. As above, so below. (see Annamerkabah's latest channeling for more explanation on recent time/space experiences.)

The regeneration/reconfiguration of these pathways/nodal points, along with the regeneration/reconfiguration of individual souls woven into the larger Higher Mind/Web, will peak in potentiality (at least until the next portal/induction) during the May 14 Full Moon expression phase (expression of the "new."). At that time, all that has been restructured, integrated, strengthened, unified, and realized as a result of the April Gateway, will be ready to be fully and outwardly expressed. Or in other words, another giant collective co-creative out-breath will begin.

The overarching theme of this collective expression, or out-breath will be that of freedom, reclamation (of many Divine Birthrights), and authenticity. There will be several collective expressions of this same overall meme throughout the course of the summer continuing into fall. As the Collective, as well as individuals learn to sit within the center or seat/throne of Divine Empowerment (solar plexus). This is something that cannot be given, it must be "willed." And this is again why you, and other Warriors of Light like you, were/are needed here - as the impetus behind the impetus.

Now, keep in mind that this collective out-breath or expression is likely to be highly charged and seemingly somewhat clumsy at times. Many souls newly woven into the Higher Mind/Web will once again be spewing the discharge of their newly realized awareness and may not at first react or express in a helpful, loving or unified way. And remember, Awakening, especially quickly, can be rather painful.

There is a good chance you will experience more odd outbursts/behaviors from friends, loved ones and even organizations/institutions as they grapple on many different levels with the truth, revelations and/or higher energetic pressuring. Add to that the potential for such odd and/or emotionally charged behavior manifesting as a result of the overall Sequencing Process some of these souls have just been tossed into, as having newly connected - and you can see the potential stew of expression seeking release during this next great collective out-breath. And do not discount the manifestations of Gaia and Universe in general, when I speak of the Higher Collective and this time of out-breath.

Despite temporary disturbances in the "force" due to these communal outbursts, you and other Warriors of Light should feel a wonderful and much anticipated release; settling and easing into your new space, fields and/or vessels in preparation for taking the lead in the overall co-creative out-breath beginning May 14. There has to be a higher stabilizing force present. So be prepared and tell others to be prepared, to further speak, communicate or express in some form or another, all that they have taken/breathed-in internally during the April Gateway, once it finishes settling within them.

This collective out-breath will continue in earnest until the May 28 New Moon. At this time, another portal/gateway or window of opportunity will be available. New Moons are known to be the ideal time for birthing or setting new intentions, wishes, and priorities for self and for the world. During this potent new moon, you will be asked to turn your focus inward again, to in-breathe the vastness found within self. A vastness that has increased in size and scope since your last such in-breath. This synchronized collective in-breath will set the stage for the June 13 full moon expression or next collective out-breath, continuing into the onset of summer solstice energies.

This period of June 13 - 21 as forecast by other higher sources/channels, will be one of the most intense and catalytic periods of the year for Gaia and humanity - not to mention another, even more potent opportunity for the Event or Contact to take place, naturally.

Therefore, the May 28 new moon and what is internalized during this time is of up-most importance. There is a very real potential for the experience of transfiguration/individual ascension waves during this period, depending upon individual and collective factors. For many, veils shall be passing away during this time.

Whatever does happen or is realized in potential, will set the stage for all that will be experienced both individually and collectively during the June 13-21 period and onward. The potential for tremendous collective shifting/catalytic transformation during this time is ENORMOUS!

To briefly recap:

From now until May 14 - Finish integrating April Gateway energies. Rest. Meditate daily for at least some portion of your day and record or contemplate those inner travels/communion.  Begin to be thinking about the upcoming May 14 full moon expression phase and in the initiation of new projects, new forms of communication, communion, or co-creation centered around freedom, reclamation and authenticity for self and for the collective. What directions, ideas, or forms of expression seem inspiring to you? Follow your heart and your gut.

From May 16 to May 27 - Express your full self! Speak or express your truth in ways that can be heard. Follow your heart, stand in your center and co-create with your fellow Light Warriors in your own part of the world. New projects, forms of communication and expression, new ways of Being/Imbuing, relating, problem-solving, coming together, speaking truth in ways that can be heard.

From May 28 to June 13 - Time to breath in again. Go within, sit in your center, align from center with heart and COMMUNE with your multidimensional aspects of Self, your Soul/Star family and Creation at large (third-eye or other senses). As this information tickles your various inner senses, find yourself lightening, expanding and seeing, so very clearly, what needs to be done. Notice how love and necessity will unite - how focused "wills" will collide to propel all forward. Appreciate how past/present/future merge into the Now. Great potential is here for individual transfiguration with the ascension wave.

June 13 - 19 - Time for another collective out-breath period in preparation for the solstice induction or in-breath. This out-breath will consist of a deepening and heightened intensity, and refinement in expression of the overall description above (May 16-27).

June 13 - June 21-24 - A time of potential monumental outward catalytic shifts, including more extreme Earth/Gaia changes. Possible re-appearance of the first wavers and/or soul/star family  contact or The Event. Another great induction portal/gateway, considerably larger than the April Gateway. More to come later.

There are many other celestial influences and factors at play as well, but the moon is representative of the co-creative respiratory process here. This is meant to depict the ebb/flow of energetics at this time and is meant to be taken generally. For instance catalytic Earth shifts, revelations, etc...may surface into your experience at any time, so great is the movement across the entire Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life.

You are doing fabulously well my dear, even though I know it doesn't necessarily feel like that to you. It's because you are engaged in this process on so many different levels and expressions of being that all that movement is very tiring; know that soon much of it will become effortless. There is a great reward waiting at the culmination of such service, love and devotion.
Until next time...

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