Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Team - Life Is An Inside Job


 Channelled By Peggy Black On 5-20-15

Message 22
Emotional spins, as you call them, are usually the results of your reality not meeting your expectations. There is usually an old mental program running. When this happens, you are looking outside yourself for validation, as well as satisfaction. The picture of what you want in your life and the actual reality of your life are not a match. Remember this is an illusion. Everything is created within and then projected out. So the key is to look within and see the unfulfilled expectation within.

Life is always an inside job. You are always the key... you are the creator, you are the observer, you are the lover, and you are the loved. So be gentle with yourself and return to that space within where you honor your joy and gratitude. Those are the vibrations, the stepping stones out of the emotional spins.

At this time, it is easy to drop into the mass consciousness grid. There is much chaos and distress happening everywhere, and it can be a fragile emotional path to walk with all the images and the awareness of the death, destruction, loss, and anguish happening in the collective grid. The responsibility of you and other multidimensional starhumans is to anchor a strong vibration of love, joy, gratitude, and appreciation. Any other emotion only adds to the collective anguish.

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