Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Saul: All That Exists Is God’s Divine Creation, Which Is Love


Channelled Via John Smallman On 5-17-15 

Here in the spiritual realms, we are well aware of your increasing impatience, as it seems to you that the spiritual evolution of humanity is proceeding far too slowly, or may even be backsliding.

The mainstream media continues to avoid reporting on the true issues that concern humanity, and focuses instead on items that serve to increase the energies of fear and anxiety in the general population; energies on which those who do not have humanity’s best interests at heart feed voraciously.

However, all is not as it seems. Those negative energies are weakening daily, and those who feed on them are starving. The Tsunami of Love is all pervasive; it is infiltrating every area of human activity on every continent, and as a direct result change is occurring very rapidly indeed.

Love is the only Reality. Anything not in alignment with It is illusory, dreamlike, and is being ineluctably dissipated as you move most purposefully forward towards the moment of your awakening. God’s divine plan for his children will not be delayed or interfered with; it will be brought to a stunning fulfillment precisely as divinely planned.

God’s Will for you is eternal joy. It was in this state that you were created, and it is to that state you will return. Of course, in truth, you have never departed from that state, but the dream in which you collectively chose to be bound together seems very real to you and hides Reality from you by a thin ephemeral veil, which is itself dissolving.

Your awakening, unless you choose not to awaken – as a very small minority of humans may well do – is imminent. Deep within you, you know this is true, and that is why you maintain the courage and the determination to keep demonstrating love in action in your daily lives.

At times, it does seem as if you are too exhausted to continue, and yet you do! You are divine beings of the most brilliant Light, but due to the limitations of your human bodies, the brilliance that you substantiate is severely subdued or restricted because your bodies would otherwise just burn up instantly were it permitted to shine at full strength, and anyone in your presence in that moment would be temporarily blinded, and on recovering would have no memory of what had occurred.

You knew what a tremendously difficult and important task you were undertaking when you volunteered for a human embodiment at this evolutionary moment. You also knew that you had the strength and the determination to carry it out. Further to that, you knew that you were divinely supported in every moment, and that failure was not only not an option, but was impossible because of that infinite divine support.

Truly, the choice you made to incarnate was like buying a lottery ticket offering you everything you could ever wish for and knowing that it was the only ticket that would be sold! You are presently just waiting for the draw. There is absolutely no doubt as to the result. With God beside you, as He always is, there are only winners. Yes, you are all winners of the divine prize, so prepare yourselves to receive it. “How,” you may ask?

Well, just continue to hold your Light on high, and remind yourselves frequently that you are infinitely loved in every moment of your existence, because that is your Source of strength. You already know this, but, as embodied humans, you tend to forget because the trials and tribulations of daily living distract you, drawing you back into the illusion, and into the anxieties, the suffering, and the problems with which it constantly presents you, or that you observe others undergoing.

It will not last, but while it does, strengthen yourselves by focusing on the Love that embraces you constantly, and that will fill your hearts when you choose not to focus your attention on the worldly worries and anxieties that seem so real when you place your attention on them.

As I just remarked, you were created in a state of eternal joy, but in your dream state you have forgotten this. Dreams are unreal, ephemeral, temporary, and very short-lived.  Nevertheless, they seem very real when you are experiencing them.

You know that what you are experiencing is unreal – how many times in moments of shock have you not declared “I don’t believe this!”  Well in those moments you often are expressing the truth, what you are experiencing is unbelievable.

You know that God is Love. You know that there is nothing beyond or outside of God because there is nothing except God.  Therefore, anything that you experience that is unloving in any manner at all is unquestionably unreal, illusory. It does not exist.

All that exists is God’s divine creation, which is Love. While you cling to the illusion, and you do so because to you it seems to be the only reality that will ensure your continued existence, you can only get very brief glimpses of Love.

When you do [get glimpses], they are mind-blowing experiences, never to be forgotten; brief reminders of your true nature.  If you have not personally had such an uplifting experience, I suggest you read about the experiences of others who have in some of the books on Near Death Experiences, because they too carry a powerful energy of Love, which will uplift and inspire you.

To end, I will just remind you once more that you are on your way Home, to the Home you have never left; and when you arrive your recognition will be instantaneous, and your welcome will be tumultuous.

With so very much love, Saul.
[Link to John’s audio reading. P.S. You will be glad to “hear” that I have invested in a new mic and it seems to have solved the background noise problem in the audio.]

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