Friday, May 8, 2015

Ascension Is A Full-Body, ALL-IN Kind Of Experience

 Channelled By Lisa Transcendence Brown

On 4-29-15

Aloha Beloved Light Family!
We are in a most pivotal time for all. We have stepped into the next phase. Can you feel it?

There has been immense clearing by all in the last several years. Each moment always a surprise for the Ascending Being here. We are none the less entering a NEW time of even more surprises for all. The question is: Are you Ready?

Your NEW Earth Realities are beyond that which your human mind can comprehend. The more you want answers first, the more you'll be "stuck" waiting for something to happen or occur. Besides, you already know. You've already done this reality. We now have the capability to step into what we've already done. It's continuing to get easier every day.

A moment will present and you'll already know what to do. You will realize that you've already done it by the feeling you are receiving and the guiding words (or crazy ideas) you are hearing or seeing. Do you fully listen, honor and DO what you are shown? Or do you hesitate and go into fear of the unknown? What you DO will determine the parallel reality you walk through. Your DOing opens the portal to something. What are you activating with your DOing?

As we step further into unlimited realities/dimensions (i.e. the "Higher Realms/NEW Earth), the lower realms have to collapse. You cannot have one without the other. The gridwork for these realms were held inside your physical body, so there will be a collapse of this gridwork inside of you as well. The ribcage, the abdominal area, the lower extremities, the spine, muscles, bones, teeth, skin, every organ... This is where all has been held and where you will experience physical release/upgrades/weakness/pain as you release the ENERGY of old programmed beliefs from your physical body (structure) and the crystalline structure of your LightBody activates.

The Higher Realms are primarily the upper regions of your physical body. As you ascend you will continually clear this area as well. Eventually all realms merge and become one, with no separation anymore. Your entire body is a cosmic portal and HUman Stargate with a massive energetic field that spans unlimited dimensions here.

You "get bigger" inside, feel taller, more expansive and even start to float. Your body blows up in photonic light (literally), balance goes, memories go, amnesia moves in. (F)requency (L)ight (U)pgrades (the human calls this the flu) occurs all along the way until this region is cleared of all human duality, victimhood, blame, shame, guilt, anger, and heartbreak that was held within. The entire heart/chest/back region will continually go through this, as well as the throat and head as all density is cleared. This is you becoming a higher-self-being. Sound goes, vision goes, thoughts go, identities go when the MerKaBa kicks in. 

One may experience "the bubble" effect, as you become the UNIVERSE again. The world slows down and speeds up with each unification process that occurs. Confusion is a state experienced with each dimensional shift. A "review" of your human "past" will occur many times along the way as well. There are many "signs" of what this is, if one will pay attention and open up to seeing more expansively, to themes, to patterns and to when there is flow (and more).

These things are scary to the human part of us. Yet this is how ascension is. Fear is a creation inside of realities that we "think" are a certain way, or of the UNKNOWN, that the human can't control. We don't realize there is no need for control, nothing to "survive", nothing is "wrong" and that stepping into the UNKNOWN is a huge part of HOW portals are opened to other dimensions/NEW Earth from inside of us. You only need to REMEMBER that the UNKNOWN is where magnificence, magic, abundance, bliss, and utter & complete love exist.

IF you REMIND yourself continually that the GIFTS OF YOUR UNIVERSE come through opening up your heart so fully, that you open up completely to sharing, communicating and connecting from a space that needs no protection, the FEAR will fall away. You will realize that nothing is "out to get you" that you did not create for your own human-reality-illusion-play. You will see from a new place of awareness that you created the need for safety.

That hologram, that illusion, that play is yours. Your beliefs solidify it and make it real. Your participation keeps it going. Your focus is the energy that powers it all to play.

Protection is a barrier that keeps you in a limited dimension (reality) and blocks your own abundance here. The release of this barrier opens YOU up to RECEIVE all of the abundance and GIFTS of YOUR UNIVERSE that are just waiting to come forth.

Ascension, to the human part of us, makes absolutely no sense at all. It doesn't make sense that one is to sleep incessantly, walks around groggy & foggy in a daze, as the lucid dream anchors in the physical reality here. It doesn't make sense that everything is in reverse & opposite of what the human reality said. It doesn't make sense that one must sleep to wake up. It doesn't make sense that you are so weak that you can't get out of bed, that your organs and body go whacko... yet this is physical ascension, and yes, there IS physical pain as the density clears your physical body wherein you stored the compromise of your own soul and limiting beliefs.

This is the REVERSAL of everything human as you once knew it. Bliss and magic come from the complete surrender to the journey that makes no sense. YOU emerge in your sleep and through your silent connections in nature or in your bedroom by yourself, tucked away from everyone and that outside world that no longer makes sense. This is because you are becoming a CREATOR again. You are going to completely re-write everything and re-create you and your physical reality ALL from within.

Ascension is a full-body, ALL-IN kind of experience that we must commit every fiber of our being to. It means letting go of everything we once knew to access ancient knowledge and to REMEMBER who we truly are again.

We live in NEW realities where all has already occurred. We are living moments NOW that we step into because we KNOW we've already done them. We are merging timelines where all is already done, where our old separation kept us from MANIFESTING instantly all of our desires here. We have to step in faith of what we FEEL INSIDE and according to our inner knowing, inner vision, inner guidance...

Huge timeline collapses are causing "time" to go in many directions all at once. Things speed up, slow down, go sideways, backwards, forwards... for time is not relative anymore. Our perceptions have expanded beyond the limits of time and our existences have too. We now work in every state, waking and sleeping. We connect together, we clear and upgrade in both as well. Sleep lets us see, access information and interact with others in other dimensional realms. The more conscious we are, the less this is a sleep state. This becomes a state where we have work and do.

Photonic Light obliterates all. Many are anchoring much light and sleeping more and more. The physical body goes weak and the mind turns to mush while these photonic light upgrades occur. LightBody Tuning causes many to shut down and not be able to do anything at all.

The human aspect has a hard time with this. It fears how it will exist, yet existence is totally transforming into something exquisite while these upgrades occur. We have to let the FEAR go and honor the need for these upgrades to occur in our physical FOR us so that our NEW EARTH VERSION/SOLar Crystalline LightBody can unify to emerge.

There has been much physical, emotional & mental "pain" as each body comes to zero point and all systems shut down, reverse spin- field and start back up again. Many small "deaths" are necessary so that one no longer has to actually die. Ascension with the physical body is intense at times. No one understood this back before 2012. Everything changed when the multi-dimensional portals & gateways opened up.

We've gone SO far beyond the knowledge that was available before. The old beliefs and understandings now are ancient in themselves. Ancient knowledge is now coming from within so many as they embrace their divine essence and true power as SOURCE from inside. No longer listening to the ways of the "old", we have transcended those limiting beliefs and obliterated limiting barriers that used to exist for us all.

Dreams and desires now coming true for so many who have worked on their own Ascension Journey and dedicated all. The "pay-off" is now here, the dream materializing in actual physical form.

Be patient, have faith, keep upgrading, honoring, trusting and letting go. Keep embracing, committing and allowing all to come forth. Keep DOing where you feel you can, let go when you cannot. KNOW that a POWERFUL and UNLIMITED being is emerging and that YOU are BECOMING WHO YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN, which existed beyond your limited human.

Pay attention to your human mind and listen to what is said. You decide what you want to believe and have in yoru NEW realities here. You can catapult (Quantum Style) the faster you let go, embrace and actually step into the FEAR, FEEL the discomfort and reelase the tears. These releases are your own separation from SOURCE inside of you. YOU radiate love and light more each time you do.

Thank YOU for being with us and allowing me to be a part of your very important Ascension Journey here. Keep expanding and letting go...

Mahalo Nui Loa ❤ ❤ ❤

Lisa's Most Recent Posting:

Huge Portals Opened Last Night - May 4, 2015

by Lisa Transcendence Brown in Kilauea, Hawaii

Huge portals opened last night along with the release/activation of MAJOR codes within our BEing and templates. Corridors opened, pathways opened as old structures quickly emerge for collapse. Codes that have been waiting to activate so that we can move into the NEXT PHASE….

All will be presented with that which they “fear” as an old program. Your belief in it, your participation in it, your avoiding it, keep recreating it in your world. The thing that represents the biggest fear within you is the thing you must step into in order to dissolve the old reality of what you believed would occur. AS you STEP into it, CREATE A DIFFERENT REALITY INSIDE. See all occurring differently, one that FREES you and releases the old dimensional bonds. You/we all have the ability to just STEP OUT OF those old programs, old limiting dimensions, BUT THEY HAVE TO BE RELEASED FROM WITHIN.

There is a gridwork inside your physical body that holds those realities in place. You collapse the gridwork when you RELEASE. This is what your body/mind/emotions do when you “lock the gridwork down” by holding on, by shutting down, by hanging on.

Instead, OPEN UP, don’t believe that OLD PROGRAM/Reality anymore. It WILL DISSOLVE if you allow it to, if you step into it, if you ALLOW and CREATE a NEW FREEING REALITY TO OCCUR. YOU bring the NEW EARTH realities forth. These are inside of you as well.

Those limits, those are your limits, inside your structure, inside your physical body and it all has to go. There is a physical dimension waiting your arrival that does not hold those old limits anymore. NEW Realities…. these come forth as you step into fear & let go. Or let go and step into fear… your choice… it’s your reality/dimension/world.

Your physical body is trying to walk in an unlimited dimension and needs to release the old programs/beliefs/realities/dimensions/energy from it. You may not realize all that is going on, but you can pay attention and see where you are still allowing yourself to be “stuck” in an old limiting reality. You can choose, you can do…. stuck is you not moving, you spinning in a circle of the old, you holding on… STUCK IS FEAR… STUCK is the human mind…. FREE is the Open Heart. Flowing is the Heart. At total and complete peace… this is you as a higher-self-multi-dimensional-hearted-being here.

Lisa Transcendence Brown, Ancient, Oracle, Multi-Dimensional Physical Ascension Guide, Master, Oracle… yep… we are EVERYTHING as we Remember again!

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