Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kryon - What is Love

Posted By Annamerkaba On 5-21-15

Lee Carroll: This is an excerpt from my channeling of Kryon on What Love Is…

”Love. Is an all encompassing energetic vibration of such magnitude and proportions that it can move mountains, change worlds, create, transmute, transform, and break through blockages. The power of love is such that it transcends time, transcends dimensions, dissolving anything and everything that stands in its way to create that which is desired for the good of all involved.

Many of you misunderstand what love truly is, expressing love in one word… is impossible.. for it carries within it so many intricacies, so much meaning and so many facets that to understand what love is you simply need to open your heart and allow this immense universal vibrational frequency to embrace you in a state of pure bliss, in a state of pure balance, in the state of complete understanding and being.

LOVE dear children of light, allow your hearts to open up and explode from this all encompassing feeling, allow your hearts to melt away all the fears worries and concerns you may feel.. it is okay for you to feel this, for when you are not afraid to open up to this power, when you are not afraid to be opened to the universal energies, when you are not afraid to open up your hearts to the universe and to EACH OTHER.. it is then.. that the power of love, the magnificent power of love takes place and creates that which you are.. that which you see.. that which you perceive.

I Kryon am waiting with open arms and open heart to welcome you to the feeling of love. I love you. I am with you. Goodbye for now."

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