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AAM On Lightworker Leadership


Channelled By Linda Dillon On 5-19-15

(excerpted from full transcript

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

Steve Beckow: Greetings, Lord.

AM: And welcome to you. Welcome to all of you, sweet bringers of peace, of harmony, of nurturing, of gentleness, of attendance. For this is the new realm and a wave of unity consciousness.

It is not merely empty words, but the heart-felt and energetic sharing of your heart, of your love, of your very being with others all over the planet.

And I wish to reassure you that the many that have joined us through this series of earthquakes and other geo-physical shifts have been heartily welcomed and are in the full joy of being home. But with you, and in attendance on you, we also attend to those who suffer in grief, in sorrow, in loss.

For even in the spiritual knowing and awareness that those you cherish have simply assumed a different vibrational form, there is still that human sense of loss. And this is understood.

It is a different form of what you think of as chaos. Is there a shadow of ego? Yes. But not in a destructive, controlling way. In a way that looks around and says, my familiar, my brother, my sister, my parent, my child, my neighbor have left my side, and not only do I not have the pleasure, the honor of supporting them, I no longer have the gift of them supporting me. I no longer have the physical joy of laughing together or arguing together, whether it was over the weather or the price of tea.

Often you will hear us say, and you will hear the Mother say, that you are missed from the corridors of heaven. And there is always a slight hesitation and confusion thinking — well, especially the Mother who is omniscient and all-knowing and all-wise and all-seeing and all-hearing — how can she possibly miss anybody? The same is often true with your guides and guardians.

But there is a difference. There is a difference to have you next to us talking and playing, laughing, discussing, planning, co-creating, and for each of us to be in the full awareness of that relationship, of our sacred friendship, partnership, and union.

And then there is the human experience, all too often, where there is the hope that we are talking and playing and understanding the communication between each other. There is the hope that you are listening to us and your hope that we are listening to you. And that is truly what these conversations are about.

Yes, we cover an array of topics, from ascension to mastery to sacred union to creation, and we are pleased, overjoyed, to do so. And through these conversations, our sacred union, our partnership has grown. And it has grown not only with this wondrous In-Light Team, the Golden Age of Gaia, and the Council of Love, it has grown enormously with each and every one of you who listen.

And so much takes place other than simply the exchange of information. It is a vibratory attunement, it is a raising of your frequency. It is a movement, and at times a quantum leap from hoping that we are communicating and hearing one another to the actuality of sharing on every level. And this is where you are moving.

So often you pose the question, what does Nova Earth look like? What does it smell like? What does it taste like? What are the physical, tangible elements that I can touch and refer to? But it is the communication. It is moving from the hope and trust to the reality of ongoing communication, tangible, touchable results — yes, we will never talk about dates again!

But we do talk about the tangible aspects, and when you say, well what do you mean, Lord, as we venture into this conversation this day about leadership and mastery? But the tangible aspects are what you are doing every single day, in every breath, with your energy, with your life, with your creation power, with your choices, which have and are shifting so rapidly and so significantly.

Nova Earth looks like partnership. It smells like fresh air after a thunderstorm. And it tastes like honey.

Now we cannot — well, we could but it would be ridiculous — we cannot have a conversation about leadership without speaking of unity consciousness, of what you would often think of as teamwork, as the exercise of freewill, choice, decision-making and concomitant action into form. Now these are many fancy words — what do I really mean?

Well, sweet angels, there is still a need for people, whether you are earth-keeper or portal, wayshower or starseed, there will always be need for people, individuals, and groups, who will step forward and say, I can do that. I can take the lead because this is within the realm of my competence. I understand what is required. I am ready, willing, able, excited, interested, enthusiastic to do this. And in that, you both lead the parade and act as the shepherd. You hold the vision and you go to the back of the line to make sure that no one is left behind.

That is what leadership is. It is not assuming a primary position, because leadership is shared. It does not rest in one individual, one institution. Those times, my friends, are over.

When we speak of mastery, again we speak of the individual coming to the place of their mastery. But as you go forward as a collective, you then become an expression, a collective, a circle, a massive circle of mastery, each in your own particular chosen realms.

There is need for all of this. As I have said prior, too often, for very legitimate rationale, many of you, particularly who are light workers and love holders, have maintained an exceptionally low profile. And you have done so for reasons of protection, and protection in the true sense of security, fight or flight, but also protection of your psyche, of your soul, for social protection so that your family did not think you were insane.

So that socially you would be able to operate, or you would be able to operate within a corporate environment that frowned on such things as active spiritual quests, and heaven forbid, a spiritual quest that was above and beyond the corporate goals.

So you have had a variety of reasons. You have played an old third-dimensional game with cause. But that cause, that rationale, has come to an end. It is not just ending, it is already over. It is ceased. Then you say, but dear Lord, we are not in Nova Earth, we are not upon the Golden Times as yet.

Well, I could say two things to you: Why do you think that you are not? What is it about these times that you do not feel that you are already in your leadership position creating the Golden Age? And at the same time I will say: No, you are not quite there yet. You are in this time of transition; you are in this time of the great awakening. And is it not exciting and magnificent, and is it not at times frustrating, above and below?

But during the time of transition, which is where I would like to focus our discussion this day, it is more crucial than ever that the leadership — personal, collective — step forward and be seen. Yes, we are talking about exposure, we are talking about vulnerability, but we are also talking about liberation, about not censoring your words, your actions, your dreams, your purpose, and what you are birthing and bringing forth in the name of the Mother, in the name of the galactics and intergalactics, Gaia, and all of humanity.

It is freeing, beloveds. It is freeing to not keep that bushel basket over your head any longer. You say, Lord, I do not know if I am ready because I still have a family, neighbors, colleagues that think that my belief systems are not in accordance with the mainstream.

And I say, yes that is correct. But how does this mainstream shift? It shifts, beloved ones, through your beliefs, through your actions, through what you are bringing forth.

So where do you wish to begin, my dear friend?

SB: Oh, boy, what a lot to talk about. I think where I would first like to begin, Lord, is to get clear on what the source of our authority is. If we’re going to step out and lead, usually we lead on the basis of representing something or doing it on behalf of something. What is the nature and the source of our authority for our leadership? I almost know what you are going to say, but I would like to get it on the record.

AM: Of course you know what I am going to say, dear heart. You do it on the authority of the Divine Mother. You do it on my authority. You do it on the authority of the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, your star family, your intergalactic brothers and sisters. But most of all, you do it on the authority of humanity. You do it on the authority of your sacred self.

Authority, in the truest meaning of the word, is the assumption of a role and responsibility to fulfill a mission, an undertaking, whether it is of a long nature of several million years, or of a brief nature of an assignment.

But you have come from a paradigm — a very strong paradigm — of control. So you have come from a system where people have said and believed: do you have the authority to do that? Always in a challenging and somewhat negative manner: by whose authority do you act?

And for a variety of reasons, all related to liberation, freedom, and self-worth, there has been a hesitancy for human beings, individuals, to step forward and say, on my authority, on my supreme authority as a servant of the Mother that lives within, as a servant of humanity for whom I speak. And then they will say, by whose authority do you have the right to speak for the collective?

That is where unity consciousness comes to the forefront. That is where the truth speaking — which has been very absent — where the truth speaking of what humanity truly wants, desires, yearns for, and diligently, consistently works to create, comes to the forefront.

When you speak for humanity, what do they want? Well, you know the first thing I would say is peace. Because, unless there is peace upon the planet, the love does not have a chance to flourish in the garden. But you begin to speak with authority and responsibility, because you cannot divorce these two; it is like hope and trust, you cannot divorce them, you cannot separate them.

And you have the authority, the God-given source, whatever you choose to call the One, you have the authority to speak the truth, not of some concoction of what you think, or hope humanity wants, but the truth of what you know humanity wants in a collective way. Because you all want the same thing, regardless of cultures, of politics, of religions, of institutions, of backgrounds, socio-economics.

Humans who are true to their heart, in the heart-consciousness, in the unity consciousness, only want several things. They want peace, and not merely the security that their home will not be bombed in the middle of the night. They want Peace. In the thousands of definitions, all of which are beyond simple cessation of war.

They want Love. They want genuine, meaningful, fulfilling relationships, be it with a sacred partner, or family, children, sisters, brothers, community, friends, neighbors — and the neighbor may be down the street or across the globe. They want to go to sleep at night knowing the children are fed and clothed and cared for.

When you prod the true heart of every human being, not just the facile comments or the defensive comments — people get what they deserve, I don’t care — that is not of truth. When you prod the hearts of humanity, what they want is the fulfillment of their potential, and that is to be Love.

That is why there are so many mythologies, imageries, stories of what heaven is. Everyone is looking for a heaven — whether it is a place that is paved with golden streets or a place of oblivion, of sheer energy and sheer love; whether it is a place where you are reunited with those you cherish and those that you have never known, your guardian angels in form — everyone wants the same thing.

They project it to a future state not upon planet because they fear, and haven’t accepted, the leadership role that they can create that heaven on Earth right now. That is the meaning of Nova Earth: It is a physical reality where ascended beings of all stripes, colors, beliefs, preferences come together to create wondrous things, whether it is an institution or a structure or a building or a family.

This delineation that each person is unique is correct and incorrect. The commonalities of the hearts’ demands, of the very demands of every beings’ soul design, have been overlooked.

Now, what do we need in terms of co-creating with you, our beloved partners? What do we need in terms of going forth? We need each of you to declare yourselves, not in abrasive, aggressive, egoic ways. That would simply be re-anchoring the old third, and that is the last thing, above or below, that is desired.

But we need you to begin to create what you know, each and every day, in that day, in that framework, in the week, in the month, in the years ahead, what are you capable of bringing forth? What is it in your mastery that you have brought to Earth and perhaps have been ignoring out of fear or trepidation? What talent is it that you have that truly contributes? Because that is what leadership is, it is your contribution of stepping forth.

So, on whose authority do you assume this leadership role? My beloved friends, on your sovereign right as Gaians upon the planet and charged with the responsibility and the joy of creating Nova Earth.

SB: Thank you for that, Lord. Now we have a group of leaders operating around the planet, and one of the places that light workers have kind of stumbled again and again is in working together. The partnership abilities are not necessarily as strong as they could be. What can you tell us about how to develop the ability to work together as light worker leaders?

AM: Ignore the current paradigm of leadership, number one. And I say that only partially humorously, because that paradigm of leadership has been isolationist. And what you are looking for, if you are to put it in political or social terms, is you are looking to create a populist movement, a populist movement that is not based upon what you have thought of as the institutions of nationhood, or economic status, or religion, or position.

You are creating a populist movement that is based on equality and fairness, humility, compassion, consideration, gentleness – all the qualities that you wish to see infused. You cannot be of an opinion of equality and think that there is only one leader — that is absurd. There are many talents, capacities that are required. But there has been a hesitancy.

Let us use an example of politics – there has been a hesitancy for light workers, love holders to come together and to say: we are looking at who is existing and this is the person that most closely aligns with what we are attempting and anchoring and creating right now — and then being a voice, both of critique and of reinforcement, of praise of what is done right and what is not done correctly, of where it flounders and where it flourishes.

And from that, you then move to having individuals who are politically inclined, intrigued, to step forward and offer themselves in this transition time as things rapidly — and I cannot emphasize how rapidly — shift.

And the biggest shift in that you are going to see is from thinking and behaving on what you think is a national basis, to not just to an international basis, but to a global basis. And you can take that populist idea and apply it across the board.

There was a time several years ago when I had encouraged all of you to support community banks, and there was a wonderful drift to credit unions and to community-based banks, rather than to banks that are enmeshed in the power struggle of the old, and the behavior patterns of the old, and control. But then that was forgotten.

You, dear heart, have toiled hard and consistently to bring about a wisdom and an awareness, because how the populist movement becomes such is through awareness, wisdom, information, knowledge, action. So the gender equality that you wish to bring to the forefront, it begins in leadership of informing people of the atrocities — not overwhelming them, although it can be extraordinarily overwhelming because atrocities by their very nature should be overwhelming. They are of such an anathema as to be untenable, unthinkable.

But if your light worker community is not actively, not only aware — the information is the starting point. Then it is: what can we do about it? And you may think, well you cannot go.

You move, beloved angels of light, you move despite any distraction, anything that is trying to get your attention, you move as one huge wave. Take the example from me, take the example from the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, and then you move as one populist wave in your sovereign authority to build and require behaviors, actions, situations, environments that are in accordance with the world, not that you just desire, but that you demand.

That is part of our sacred union with thee. Are we building, guiding, over-lighting, implanting, suggesting in your hearts, in your minds ideas, projects, undertakings? Are we suggesting to you sometimes stand back, breathe, time-out, step forward? Yes, we are.

But how you create this and how you are creating this, this leadership academy, is through the stepping forward. But with adequate understanding, knowledge, information, and wisdom, heart-consciousness, and then directed human action to bring forth. Sometimes you think that if you take an action in treating, in feeling, in being the truth of who you are, in not discerning in a discriminatory way according to gender, race, or religion, or age, that you aren’t doing anything because you are already in a society that is accepting you or in a family that accepts these precepts. But sweet angel, every time you act according to integrity, according to universal truth and light, you are affecting the entire planet.

No action, no thought, no sending of energy of love is ever wasted or unacknowledged. So you are coming together, not as simple individuals, but in a concerted team effort to create what you choose, what you demand, to eliminate what does not work and has never worked, and to bring forth in harmony, in joy, in excitement.

Now, will there be disagreements, not necessarily amongst the light worker community, but will there be disagreements upon the greater whole, as you implement these changes? Yes. But, then I bring you back to the common factor which you will always refer to – what do humans want?

It is consistent: the soul desire is to reunite with One. The truth of the heart is to reunite with love and travel back to the One. The choice to be in form is to know the experience of joy, of love. Do not forget this is a period of karmic dispensation. So the old external reasons — I have come here to pay my dues, to experience suffering – it does not hold, you are in a higher dimensional reality and it does not hold.

So when you are puzzled, stymied, frustrated about how to proceed, bring it back to those who disagree with you, back to: what do you really want? Not in terms of socio-political organization, of what party wins and who has more money than another, but what do you really want out of this life. And the answer will be consistent whether you are in Somalia or Afghanistan, Chicago, London, Tibet – it does not matter.

SB: Lord, we have about four minutes remaining, I wanted to go back to something you said earlier that no thought, no action is wasted. And I think you were talking about all of this entering into the collective consciousness — is that correct?

AM: That is correct.

SB: Could you spend a little time telling us how the collective consciousness works? I take an action, or I write an article, or I have a thought, and it goes into this amorphous thing called the collective consciousness and somehow it inexplicably affects person B halfway around the globe. How does it work?

AM: And it is even more confusing because that person has never heard of you and certainly not read your article.  How it works is this: Think of it as the ocean, think of the collective consciousness as the ocean, you can choose any ocean, but I do this so that you may understand.

Now, in the ocean there are an infinite number, not only of creatures, of plant life, of soil, of rocks, of coral formations, every drop of water. Think of it in this way: Every drop of water in the ocean is conscious and communicating with one another. And the unity consciousness of that water adhering together in the ebb and flow, in the currents, in the tides – it is not just the moon, it is not just the magnetics of the planet — think of the consciousness of the water. That is the collective consciousness.

So when there is a drop of water that chooses to change direction and join with another cluster, to perhaps adhere itself to a great white whale or a shark and travel 12,000 miles, then it brings the energy of where it has been, what it has experienced down into the new area. You cannot have one droplet of water shift and it not be felt in the entire ocean. You cannot have the sand shift and it not be felt throughout the entire ocean. You cannot have a baby dolphin born and it not be felt throughout the entire ocean. And so it is.

Think of the water in your body. You drink water, you program water, but once the water is in your body, you are not directing it, and yet it is communicating in such a variety of ways to keep you healthy and whole. It is the fabric, and the fabric of your body is not solidity, it is water.

And so, just the way that water is communicating, so when you inject your consciousness — whether it is conscious, unconscious, or subconscious — when you inject yourself and participate, but particularly actively, consciously, lovingly into that collective, you are affecting it and it is felt, it is communicated. And it does not take days or weeks or years for the droplet of water to travel, it travels at the speed of Love, which is much faster than the speed of light.

SB: Wow.

AM: So there are sometimes when you think that your actions that you take in Cleveland, Ohio do not affect what is happening in Pondicherry, India, and that is not true. Every act of love is felt throughout the collective consciousness, and it is not simply the collective consciousness of humanity, it is the collective consciousness of the Omniverse.

You are magnificent.

SB: That is definitely a topic I’d like to return to, Lord. But I think we are out of time – is there anything you’d like to say just to wrap up?

AM: Step forward. Peek your head out. See what you want to do. What is your unique talent that you wish to share — one-on-one or one to a billion? It all has effect. And we will be there every step of the way to help, to serve, to be with thee.

SB: Wonderful.

AM: Go with my love. And go, sweet angels, in peace.

SB: Thank you very much.

AM & SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

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