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Archangel Michael ~ The Reforming Of Your Physical Body

As Conveyed Through 

Méline Portia Lafont On 5-7-15

Méline: Archangel Michael can you explain a bit more to us all and elaborate about the conversation we have been enjoying related to the Lightbody and how that will be for us on the physical level and for our relationships with others?

AA Michael: yes of course Love, with all my heart and pleasure I shall elaborate on that which you request of me. I am a messenger of Love and that I shall be to you all on this day.

Méline: Thank you. What you have been explaining to me is the process of each cell changing from Carbon into Silicon or a crystalline state. Could you explain this again from the beginning to our fellow sisters and brothers how that is unfolding for us at this time and how this will continue to be from that state on, meaning when we have reached 100% crystalline cells? Thank you so much, I appreciate your energy and Presence.

AA Michael: With pleasure dear! Let's start the easy way and from the beginning. As you all are aware of, your physical bodies are changing by assimilating and absorbing the God code within each of its cells. This God code is simply the Christed Light and consciousness that is settling itself into the core of your physical cells and atoms. Once settled, and this is done through the Self acceptance and Love for the Self by Self realization, your cellular structure and body shall instigate a shift on profound levels which will make you aware of this foundation which is one of a more Lighted structure.

This means that once having 100% crystalline cells, your bodies shall be the same in appearance, yet will be of another structure and vibration that is now crystalline instead of carbon. Yet you all seem to be the same in appearance, but as you have all learned by now: do not let appearances fool you for it is far more than it appears to be. Your bodies shall vibrate more of the Christed consciousness as you are becoming the embodiment of this and thus shall you vibrate a state of Love. Meaning, your cells are then the vibration of Love giving your physical vessels a much higher frequency.  Youth and health for all will be balanced through the acceptance of your Christed and God Self.

This is what you are moving through and towards in every NOW moment. And you should start to feel these affects on yourself by now as you start to realize that you are changing in a most profound way. The releasing processes you are going through are helping you to move through this all in order to achieve the full embodiment of this. It is a step by step procedure as your bodies are already under a tremendous amount of pressure from your emotional and mental bodies as well at the same time.

As each and every cell is going through its process of release and integration as you move through portals of Ascension and processes of Descension. On one hand there are Ascensions taking place to higher awareness and wisdom, and on the other you experience the bringing down your God Self onto this physical Earth Dimension and that is what is playing out here at this time.

Méline: So what happens when we have reached and embodied this state or frequency? What do we look like and do we become invisible?

AA Michael: No you do not become invisible to the naked eye, at least not immediately; not yet and not at this point let us say. All is a vibrational choice that you make and what you think of yourself. is the way you form yourself to the naked eye of others, including yourself.The way you see yourself. To become invisible to the naked eye of others is to be the God Consciousness in its fullest glory. This means that you are what you are and that this has also been accepted, seen, felt and formed into your own conscious awareness.

From that point on it will be about how you will continue onwards and how you see yourself. Will you finally see yourself as who you are: a spark God consciousness incarnate?! Or will you still see yourself as one who is a carbon based human being incarnate? That perception, vision and idea about yourself shall shape the reality you are in and will partake in. Thus the carbon based perception forms you into a physical appearance which is visible to the naked eye. The full realization of “I AM” which is the God Self shall not shape you anymore into this form but allow you to be free in whatever form or energy you desire to Be. These are more ethereal and the ethereal thus becomes invisible to the naked eye because of its high vibration.

We speak here of an energy field that is not seen, yet it is tangible in the world of feeling for it is a form of consciousness.

So, from that point on, after reaching the full state of silicon based cells concerning your physical vehicles, all will be about how you will bring this realization into your physical form: that you already are this and to bring this about in your reality of being. You thus allow this all to settle as fact into your own minds.

Your bodies will at that time already vibrate the Christed Consciousness because of your crystalline cells, yet your mind and body will have to truly acknowledge and know this in order to truly anchor this fact into your reality. Meaning you are not only anchoring it on a physical level but living it as well.

You thus can start to partake in different Dimensions and Worlds that are of a higher Love quotient which allows you to consciously start playing multi-dimensionally all the time.

100% Silicon/crystalline cells equals a level of God realization which means that your cells are vibrating Unconditional Love and thus you will have no sicknesses nor any “dis-eases” which can be formed into your vehicles because of this higher state of Self awareness and God realization.

You will move and flow constantly into other forms and vibrations from that point on that will inhabit more subtle and ethereal forms in the long haul as you create and form yourself as you wish to be. Therefore self realization is key and is playing a crucial part as it shapes the way you see yourself. Bodies will thus become more of a subtle form at the beginning as you flow into the higher consciousness of the ethereal God Consciousness ~ I AM.

Méline: How will that be in relationships? Will we still be able to interact with other loved ones who are still dormant or will we be invisible at a certain point because of the higher vibration we emanate consciously?

AA Michael: The way you perceive yourself is still crucial and key in this all. You can therefore continue a relationship with a fellow human who is not awakened, yet you shall then form a relationship based on the mental and emotional aspect which is an emotional bond. All that is etheric is invisible, yet the mental level and emotional level ARE visible because all mental thoughts are ethereal creations. This creation is the outcome that is shaped into a form. As long as you form connections on mental and emotional levels to fellow humans, you are thus visible , even to the sleepers

This is because you transform an ethereal connection into one that is emotionally based and shaped by mental thoughts. Thus you create yourself this way on this plane which is perceived as a physical manifestation and form of Love into a level of density. All in all you can reach the 100% crystalline cellular structure, vibrate a higher form of Love and still be visible to others who do not partake in your kind of world of higher Light. All because you form yourself onto different planes consciously now and you decide where and how to form yourself into a certain vibrational shape to interact with these different worlds. This is a choice.

It is only when you do not shape and form an emotional tie and relationship on this level with another fellow human, and you are not involved on the mental plane, that you shall be able to become invisible in some way as you are then solely being the ethereal level of you. Here I speak of further processes of Mastery, as all is to be done in stages of levels within levels for the body to be able and cope with all of the influences and shifts.

You will find yourself walking all of these worlds eventually which will become easier over time. For now it will be interesting for all to see and  experience some of that with your consciousness as your I AM Presence within this body.

It all boils down to the fact that once you have reached a state of your cells being 100% crystalline you shall embark on a journey that is the beginning of God consciousness through the physical realization of SELF. This means your physical bodies shall have a higher and more pristine vibration which is Love and Unity. So you are thus still visible but growing towards an eternity that is ethereal and which on itself is invisible for the naked eye of unawakened ones.

As long as you are shaping your emotional and mental bodies consciously into form and are engaging in connections with other forms, you shall stay visible to all. This allows you to stay in connection and interaction with all on planet Earth while vibrating this crystalline light. Hence these are choices you make. And the choice will have to be in alignment with your state of being and your consciousness to be able to do so.

There is thus a current to flow with in order to merge back into that infinite state of being, as your physical bodies also change back to their most  pristine possible state of Heart/Oneness.

You do not loose your connections with your loved ones as you can still partake in their worlds while being in your own reality, yet this will all be a choice of whether you would rather be more absent (vibrating more God consciousness and starting to grow towards invisible states) or more present -forming yourself into that reality through emotional and mental levels.

Most Ethereal Beings, such as Angels, Masters, Gods and all to whom you refer to as the Company of Heaven or the Light Realms do not have emotional bodies. Especially when these have not previously experienced a mortal life in a human form. Thus in order to be birthed on your realms of duality, an emotional body needs to be formed first. A Mental body is already part of our reality, yet we do not form from our mental plane because that would shape our ethereal being into a form that is created out of thought. Unless we choose so. Yet we do communicate through your mental bodies and the way you perceive us is through the mental plane as well.

We are of an ethereal vibration and consciousness. Unless we want to shape ourselves onto your world of reality, we stay vibrating on the ethereal plane for that is the plane of our existence. This is the vibration you have all originated from and are moving back towards. You are only reshaping your forms and minds at this time, imagine how much further and deeper you will go when you truly stop to reshape your form, reality and mind to become shapeless. That is the reality of your true essential Being and this lies ahead of you eventually. But for now we stick to this part of the journey where you are starting to realize you are all God Selves in a physical body. This will bring all of your physical cells and parts to a heightened state of Light and Love.

This is the beginning of the true experience and involvement concerning multidimensional realities.

From the eternal Flame within you, I greet you by heart.
Archangel Michael

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