Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Personal Message From Ronna Herman

 Ronna is a seminal figure in the world of Metaphysics and good Channelled Messages from Archangel Michael.  If you appreciate her work and want to send some Love her way, I have included a link to her site below. Thanks for your support...we all need some from time to time. DT

 Prefaced To AAM Channelling

 Of March 2016

To all my beloved Soul/Star Sisters and Brothers: 
Our emotional, mental and spiritual reality is expanding by leaps and bounds, as we begin to access a higher truth and greater wisdom.

Humanity is coming of age - we are no longer children, stumbling in the dark, or following others without question. A consciousness level is emerging that will incorporate not just our families, neighborhood and cities, but races, cultures, countries, planets, and even our solar system, galaxy and universe.

As we begin to resonate with the higher frequencies of love, compassion and non-judgment, there will be no scene of fear, separation, limitation or disease. We are in the process of healing and releasing all energies and frequencies which no longer serve us and which cannot exist in the Light Body we are building. As we release all the dark crystals (as Lord Michael calls them) we can fill those vacancies with pure crystalline Light substance. These old imbalanced energies hold the memories of pain, suffering and limitation from our ancient past.

It is time for us to release the misconception or sense of separation: good and bad, light and dark, duality or polarity consciousness. We are here on Earth in a physical body, on the plane of materiality, to experience duality and polarity. It is balance we seek, not the elimination of duality or polarity.

It is time for us to return to a sense of Oneness or wholeness. All creation is an aspect of the Divine Creator, our Father/Mother God. It is also time for you to remember that you are a master. You came to Earth as a Master of co-creation: to build, experience and enjoy the paradise world called Earth. Are you ready to move from being a master of lack, limitation, fear and suffering? It is time to reclaim your heritage as a master of love, beauty, bounty, abundance and joy.

Never since our arrival on Planet Earth, so many aeons ago, have we had so much assistance from the higher realms: Archangels, angelic helpers, masters, teachers, guides and wondrous beings from far distant galaxies. But you must ask and then follow your inner guidance until you find your way back onto that wondrous path of higher awareness and illumination and mastery.

We are all in this together, on this wondrous journey back home. Every victory, every gain you make, smooths the way for those following behind you. My hope is to make your journey a little easier and the experience more joyful.
Love, Light and BlessingsBeyond Measure,                                                        
Ronna                                                                                                                                                SupportLink                                                                                                                                                                       

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