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St. Germaine Gifts Us With His Loving Cup Elixir Of Abundance And Love


Posted By Suzanne Maresca On 2-1-16

 A Heavenly Blessings Transcript Of Her Show With St. Germain, Via Linda Dillon, On 1-26-16

“All of you who listen this day – Go to your cupboard, your pantry and take out your finest crystal or simply a clay mug. Fill it with water, with soda water, with sparkling water – that would be my favourite! Call me and let us drink from this Loving Cup the elixir that I give you this day.”
Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

St.Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.
Suzi: Welcome.
St.Germaine: And welcome to you, beloved one and beloved ones. Welcome to this Council and to this Circle of Love. Welcome Home.
I come to you this day as Keeper, yes, of the Violet Flame, as Honorary Keeper of the I AM Presence and Honorary Keeper of your I AM Presence. I come to speak to you of Unity, Connectedness and Balance, three of the qualities that are a sure ticket Home.
I do not come necessarily to teach but rather, to engage, to engage each of you who are me as I am you, and to engage you in the Sacred Unity, the Sacred Union of friendship, of camaraderie, of family and of shared mission and purpose.
It is true that I no longer walk this beautiful planet but what does this mean? It simply means that I do not inhabit a physical body the way that you do. And at this juncture, I don’t have any particular interest in inhabiting a physical body.
But, my beloved friends, that does not mean that I am not fully engaged with the matters of humanity, with the matters of each of you, with your journey and adventure, your fulfilment and the fulfilment of the Mother’s dream.
My attention and, I would say, most of my energy is still engaged with each of you, with humanity, with the Lightworker/Loveholder community upon our beloved Gaia. I have not taken my energy off this planet and focused it elsewhere.
Now, am I able to do many things at once? Well, perhaps more than I could at one time, but what I begin with this day is simply by saying that although I am not in physicality, that my energy is fully and completely with you. It always has been, yes, even when you did not know me or chose to ignore me! [Laughter] I have not left the building and I have no intention of doing so.
Let me go back. As you know, I have lived many times, and even in those incarnations I have lived for extended periods of time. Now that has been perceived by various humans as extraordinary, but in fact I was simply embodying the form the way it was intended to be: ageless, energetic, vigorous, healthy, a vessel for our Light.
So I have been an example, not an exception to the rule but proof of the rule. But I digress.
Always, in all of my incarnations, my focus was not particularly upon becoming an Ascended Master. Even that is... is that not a curious term that we as humans have placed others in “Ascended” position?
But I certainly did always focus on becoming the Truth and the manifestation in form of my fullest potential, of being in consciousness in a body, fully connected not only to the Mother, not only to my beloved brothers Kuthumi or El Morya, Serapis Bey, my fellow journeyers. I was focused on Unity.
You are entering into a new phase, yes, of what Sananda has called “extraordinary change”.

And this extraordinary change is manifested and known by this sense and practice, this existence of Unity. And I am in Unity with you, every incarnation – and I must admit, at times it was very discouraging.
But my work, my purpose was to bring humanity to this place of Unity, not out of dimension – multidimensional, interdimensional, yes, but anchored in a physicality because there is so much joy, enjoyment and fun to be had in the physical realm.
I have created elixirs, electromagnetic liquid that indeed is the Cup of Love, always abiding to the one rule, the one law which rules and controls All – the overriding Law of Love.
And when those who were with me would drink from the Loving Cup, it would ignite their memories so that they never again would forget or stray from the knowing of their bright Divinity, the Love that has lived eternally and infinitely within each of them and within each of you.
That is why I have asked to come this day. No, we are not at a physical banquet at Versailles, but we are sharing this banquet of life, this banquet of Love, this banquet of transformation and Ascension. And it is time for me, once again, to step forward more strongly, more clearly, and I welcome this time that I share with you.
So I give you this day my elixir, my Elixir of Abundance and of Love. And it is a beautiful violet – some may call it a lavender-lilac – but it is brilliant and it is sparkling and it is effervescent like a fine champagne. And I am asking, I am pleading each of you right now with me to drink from this Loving Cup, to open and part your lips and swallow this reawakening of who you are.
There was a time... yes, I have mentioned discouragement and I know how many of you have experienced this in this adventure-journey. And in this, in the desire to not be distracted, I have journeyed with my beloved brothers to the caves of the Himalayas to seek quiet and enlightenment and refuge, so that the distraction of those who did not remember, who chose not to remember, did not tug at me.
But I was also able to do this removal, just as I have been able to do my removal from Gaia, because I had fed the Lightworkers, I had toasted them and they had drank from the Loving Cup and the memory was activated.
I have not done this in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years. And because I reach out and engage each of you all over the planet to join me at this banquet because it is time, because it is my gift, because you yearn and are ready, and because what it creates is not only the reawakening but the knowing, yes, of who you are, but also the knowing that you are in, you are of, you are embodied in Unity.
These fields of separation that have been constructed by lies and illusions aren’t real and they most certainly don’t serve. I am you – you are me – we are the Mother – we are One. You are a delightful expression of me, just as I am a delightful expression of you.
That is why I do not need to be in form at this moment. It is far more efficient for me to be able to reach you all at once. But make no mistake – there is no delineation between us.
So when I take action, you take action. So what am I saying? Everything is action. Yes, you have spoken, dearest Suzanne and Linda, about observation this morning and correct action, right use of will is dependent upon being the participant-observer.
But make no mistake – everything you do as long as you are breathing is action. The in-breath, the out-breath, that is the pattern of the Mother, that is the pattern of the Universe, so it cannot be ignored. So even if you sit in a chair and never move, you are taking action.
Now I do not wish for this to be a one-way conversation, but I did wish to begin with sharing the Loving Cup. So, dearest Suzanne, where do you wish to begin?
Suzi: Oh, I always appreciate having a conversation like this with you, St. Germaine. Thank you for coming and thank you for sharing all of this with us. I am getting that you are giving this to us to open our perceptions and get on with creating it for ourselves in terms of our potential: ageless health and fitness, our connection and our understanding of our Divinity.
St.Germaine: That is absolutely correct. Now, what my champagne elixir, what my lovely cocktail does for you – and I might suggest to you that you have one of these cocktail concoctions every day – is that it anchors the remembrance of the Truth of who you are. You can never again forget.
So all the illusions, all the lower vibrations of which humanity has excelled in are removed. It is not that you don’t remember them; it is not that you can’t recognize them. But you look at them and say “Oh! Well no, that wasn’t real. That was simply something that was fabricated in order to distract me from the Truth and the true remembering and the true present action of who I am.”
So yes, I have not proffered this elixir prior to this time, not as I have said in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years. But you are ready. The gifts that are being brought forth from the alignment of the galaxies, the planets, the stars, your brothers and sisters of Gaia, this side, your side, above, below and in between is enormous.
You would have to have not only your head buried in the sand, you’d have to be buried 12 ft under to be able to ignore what is being brought forth! And none of you are eager or willing to do that. So we bring our engagement, our Unity of being in the transformation of the collective because each of you will share this elixir, and then they will share.
Because the plan – I was going to say “joke”... perhaps I will! The joke is that upon Gaia at this time is not one being – hybrid, starseed, human, gatekeeper, portal, it matters not – there is not one being who did not volunteer, choose to come for this awakening process with willingness, excitement and determination.
So there is not one person upon the planet from those who are doing the most dire, despicable deeds to those who lead the most saintly, pure lives. There is not one who is not waiting for this awakening.
Suzi: Wow! Well, that’s really good news and I guess it’s really none of our business, different people who are sleeping or whatever their level of awakening is. We just need to pay attention to our own selves pretty much.
I have a kind of a freaky question. I’ve been given a choice-point a while ago: “Do I want to go to Lightbody?” I always say “Yes” right away, even though I don’t really know exactly what that means. I assume that we can do as we wish in terms of form when we get there, but could you say anything about that?
St.Germaine: You don’t know what “Lightbody” is because you don’t fully remember. And so I would suggest my cocktail is going to help you with that. My Loving Cup is going to help you with that. But yes, I would be very pleased to answer that because this was a large part of my own journey
You see, there is a somewhat skewed or misunderstood obsession [laughter] – and I know all about obsessions! – with the humans about what this term means. You are correct in so far as you are being asked – and many of you have been asked and you have all, by the way, said “Yes”. Who would say “No”? It is inconceivable! – but whether you wish to fully activate your Lightbody.
Now, there is a hesitancy because there is a sense of new adventure, of the unknown. And you say “Oh, the last thing I want to do is end up back in the cave or at the bottom of the well.” I understand this.
But what it truly is a question about is whether do you choose fully to ignite the Truth of who you are, the fullness, all aspects, all beingness, present – angelic, archangelic, starbeing, it matters not; there are a billion explanations.
It does not mean “right here, right now, in your reality, the release of your physical embodiment” – quite the contrary. You can think of it as a magnificent upgrade, so much of that aches and pains...
Now, this is what is being offered individually, basically. This has not been offered fully and completely – although when you start sharing the Loving Cup, it will come quite quickly. It is not being offered as a wholehearted or a blanket offer to all of humanity.
Now many have been working on the activation of what is termed their “Lightbody” for eons, and they keep coming back and taking on a physical form because they know that the Lightbody in physicality is beyond Light. You have the expression “It’s the best.” That is what it is!
And you have noticed, dearest Suzanne, the changes in your own body of late, and that is simply because you have said “Yes, I will activate my Lightbody.” It isn’t a momentary turning on the light switch. It can be – and there are certainly cases when it is – but generally speaking... we know that in this case and when we are talking to the entire planet, we speak in generalities.
But there is a belief – again another mistaken belief that it is like turning on the light switch and there: Voila! You have completely morphed into something different. That is not so. 
When you are assuming your Lightbody, there is an activation and what you might term an “attunement”, but it is really more of an activation. And it is an activation of will and will in cooperation with All. So there are times when you try to make an act of will, but it is only you willing it and not all of us and so it doesn’t really work. So it is an activation of will into the physicality.
Now, in that, can we say that your choices, your desires, your joy of things that please your body and your soul and your emotional field and your mental field, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. change. It is subtle and yet, it is not subtle at all.
You begin to notice a stronger life force – what we would call a “Light force” – in alignment with the Law of Love comes into play. So you stop doing things that are not of Love because there is, by active will in alignment, there are no other choices really available to you – not ones you would choose to make.
So that is what the choice-point has been and you have accepted, my darling daughter.
Suzi: Yes I have, and I’m very excited and just so happy lately. My circumstances haven’t changed all that much. My house is still falling apart around me, but I just feel really good!
St.Germaine: That is the natural state of being alive. All of these imbalances – think of manic-depressive, bipolar, schizophrenia, cancer, obesity – all of these things are not in balance, very apparently. So it does not matter whether it is chemical or emotional or mental constructs.
So what is the result when you begin and accept the invitation – and you can request it, by the way. I’m saying that to all of you: “You can request it, by the way!” When you ask and accept the activation of your Lightbody, the only result you’re going to get is happy – some will call it bliss, some will call it ecstasy and you move on from there.
Who on Earth, literally, would ever say “No”? And yet, they do!
Suzi: It’s only fear that makes them say “No” because it’s stepping into uncertainty that we’re not so good at yet. It’s this trusting thing – it’s a trust walk that we’re doing these days, and it’s much smoother if we can just settle into it and realise that everything’s okay. I understand. People are having a hard time with relaxing.
St. Germaine: Oh my dear, I do not in any way critique. Fear is a powerful force and there are times – like 99% of the time! – when people will say “No” because they are concerned, not only of the unknown but because of their sense of regency.
What I mean by this is they like, they feel it is necessary to have dominion over their lives, their bodies, their actions, their journey. It is not simply because of fear. It is also a sense of responsibility that they have made this promise to the Mother to basically be in charge of what they do.
And so when they are offered something that literally tips the scales and brings them into not just Unity Consciousness but what we would call Unity Action, it is frightening. Because then in Unity Action, they are intertwined, interwoven with everybody and everything. And how can they possibly keep their promise to the Mother to do what they promised to do with all these other people in their field and interfering.
So it is not simply resistance or reluctance or fear. It is sometimes out of the highest, noblest intentions that the “No” comes. But fear not. When you move into this higher state of being – your term, not ours – into the interconnectedness, you will have more help, more joy, more laughter, more fun, more ease, more grace, more clarity. There is nothing missing. Nothing.
Right now, you often feel that you are sitting down to play cards and you find out that there are two tens, three sixes and the jack is missing from the deck and it frustrates the heck out of you! When you sit down with us in Unity, the deck is full – and then you still get to play your own hand!
Suzi: Oh, it’s a wonderful thing, and it’s all just a matter of perception, is it not? I mean, this activating the Lightbody... I think I’ve only gotten to this point because I’ve meditated every day and I’ve said “Yes” and allowed the energy to come into me, and all that sort of thing. So this is what’s possible for everybody. If I’m on the leading edge of what humanity’s doing, this is what everybody can do.
St.Germaine: It is absolutely what everybody can do and, as I have said, there is not a single person upon the planet who did not intend to do this when they arrived and when they made their choice. So you are correct.
Now, is it sequential? Yes, but part of that sequencing is meditation, is prayer, is listening, is attending to your sacred self. What I find most troublesome... I am careful of the word I use! What I find most troublesome about the collective – as I walk with you – is that many of you... and now I speak even more of the general populous of humanity... is that you are moving so fast, you are preoccupying yourself with minutiae so deeply that you are not taking time.
You are far too busy to meditate. You are far too busy to accept the Love that is all around you knocking on your heart, your arm, your back, your head. So take the time. There is nothing in your planet or throughout the Mother’s Universe/Multiverse/Omniverse that is more important than taking the time to receive and be the Love. That’s it! That’s all there is.
Suzi: That’s it, very simple! I have another question if I might. You spoke about your energies being engaged in different things and that you would have full awareness of all aspects of yourself, I’m assuming, and that you’ve had many lifetimes. So that’s true for all of us as well.
I’m just wondering... So there’s been a purposeful veil of forgetfulness upon us. Is there going to come a time when... I mean, I am integrating my aspects already so I could be driving down the road, a place that I’ve been a thousand times, and all of a sudden it feels like I’m in some place that I’ve never been before. I feel like that’s my aspects coming home. 
But is there going to come a time when I have awareness of all the things that I’m doing or is that just too much for one organism to take?
St.Germaine: It depends on the organism. Now, you are unique and I am glad that you have brought up this topic that this is a time of reintegrating, reanchoring all of your aspects.
Now, think of this. For many of you, it varies between hundreds and thousands of lifetimes – and that is just in this quadrant. So can it be overwhelming? Yes. And can it be distracting? Yes.
The reason we are guiding you to bring back all these aspects is that the parts of those aspects – and aspects and lives are not synonymous, by the way, and that can be a fully other conversation. But the point is that all of you – conscious-subconscious-unconscious – needs to be home, anchored within you as this time, in this moment, of reunity.
Now, think of it in this way. There are times you learned maths – some of you learned new maths which we find utterly confusing [laughter] – but you don’t consciously think when you go to the grocery store or you are thinking about how many do I need, you don’t think “Oh, now let me bring my maths aspect forward so I can remember maths.” It is simply there.
And that is what is occurring with all of your aspects: What is important for you to know and remember at this juncture is coming forth. The minutiae of what kind of soap you used, unless it is the scent of your soul essence, are not coming forth because you don’t need it. It’s not that it’s not there. It’s simply that it’s not useful to you and would be overwhelming and distracting.
Suzi: Right. So if I’m noticing things... Ah, this is brilliant because I’m just realizing things like I’ll be having a conversation with Steve, for example, and he’ll say “Jees, you should write about that,” and it just seems completely normal to me. I guess this is my aspects coming home in ways that I’m not even really noticing and I just know things now that I didn’t used to know. Ah, that’s cool!
St.Germaine: And it feels – and I say this for all of you – it feels absolutely normal. It does not feel extraordinary or out of the ordinary. But, my beloved friends, that is extraordinary change!
Suzi: Yeah, it’s wonderful! That’s great. I think that might be all I have...
You talk about the new phase of Unity, so would that be in relation also to our perception if we can just... For me it just feels like a border thing. If I’m out in the world or even just meditating and I can sort of dissolve my skin, as in everything just flows through me and the air passes through my body... If we just think of other people that way, is that a dangerous thing because there are other people out there...? No, it’s not dangerous... I’m sorry, I’m just rambling...
St.Germaine: You are mightily protected. What it is doing is realizing... and this is the realization that not only are you all connected – your expression would be “you’re all on the same side” – the feeling of segmentation. And it does not mean and I do not mean to imply that there are not personal boundaries. Those are important. That gives you a sense of delineation and the uniqueness of your sacred being, but it does not create false separation.
It is “I am as connected to the person sitting in a mud hut in Somalia or the person in Korea or the person sitting on a remote island. I am as connected to the Queen of England as I am to my next door neighbour and myself, and we are all in this together.”
We have played roles – and have they not been fascinating! But it is time for the shedding. I am not saying you have to give up the identity that you have so vigorously nurtured, but the realization that they are simply roles and that you are all upon planet for one thing: Together to restore the Love.
Suzi: Yes. So what comes to me as you say “to merge with the Queen of England” is it feels a little bit repulsive in the beginning, but to contemplate the idea that over our myriad lifetimes, if there have been some, that we’ve all played roles like that: dark roles, light roles, whatever it is. But that at the end of the day we all shake hands and say “Well played!”
St.Germaine: Exactly. It is not a judgement of what someone in their illusion has done or not done because the actions of omission are as grievous as commission. It doesn’t matter because inside the darkest facade is the Divine Light of the Mother. And you are very correct – there are very very very very very few who have not at some point played the role of illusion and darkness, if only to know what it is and what it feels like.
Suzi: Or to be a holder of darkness so that others can have an experience.
St.Germaine: That is correct because before, you have lived in a reality of polarity and duality. That is over. That is the announcement of the day, du jour – duality is over! It is a fine day.
Suzi: It is a fine day. We have sort of crossed over. Yes, beautiful. We are coming to the end of our show here so have you got something in closing?
St.Germaine: Yes. All of you who listen this day – Go to your cupboard, your pantry, and take out your finest crystal or simply a clay mug. Fill it with water, with soda water, with sparkling water – that would be my favourite! Call me and let us drink from this Loving Cup the elixir that I give you this day.
Go with my Love and go, sweet friends, of course in Peace but how about some Joy as well! Farewell, dear hearts.
Suzi: Yippee! Farewell. Thank you.
Channeled by Linda Dillon

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