Wednesday, February 24, 2016

GaiaPortal: Encephalographs Are Removed And Cleared

Channelled By √ČirePort On 2-24-16

Encephalographs* are removed and cleared.

Star Beings are realized.

Quenches of water Beings come to Gaia frontier.

Stirrings are noted and communicated.

*DT's commentary:  This strikes me as another confirmation that the old Archon grids of Dark controlling Energy are indeed gone from Terra Gaia's Realms.  
All implants, in whatever density, are gone.  MK Ultra mind control technology, Supersoldier programming, scalar weaponry, weaponized nano-tech and many other service-to-self nasty toys and tools of oppression are no longer supported by any planetary energy grids.  
We have raised the frequency of Gaia to the point where these negative technologies are no longer viable.  
Next on the Ascension Hit List: Negative Thoughtforms...

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