Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Message from the 'Team" - You Are Truly Seeding This Reality

A galactic perspective on The Hundredth Monkey phenomenon...
Git Sum!

Channelled By Peggy Black On 2-16-16

We are here to acknowledge the evolution that is taking place in your reality. In making that statement we realize that you might be wondering just how and when this evolution has taken place. So we are inviting you to begin to notice and observe these sometimes subtle shifts that slip into the consciousness of humanity.

You see it is because of you that the outer manifestations have been taking place. It is because of your willingness to stretch beyond the imposed limitations of your known reality. You have opened the door to these shifts of awareness, these new ways of perceiving your life and your larger world.

Every time someone imagines outside the box of preconceived ideas and imposed realities, it welcomes a new realization. This new realization, this new idea then becomes available to the collective. The more individuals that focus on this new idea, this new realization of truth, the stronger it becomes, the clearer it manifests, until it become the excepted norm for all.

We understand when you look out at the reality that is making the most noise, offering the most chaotic and disturbing energy, you do not believe that there are any real changes taking place.  We will agree that it does seem that the focus of most earthwalkers is on the chaotic energy and events. And it is their focus that is actually feeding it and keeping it locked in place.

It is using one's ability to imagine and call forth energy and have that energy/thought/emotion manifest in a physical form. This is a misuse of the incredible ability to create; it is using one's creative powers upside down and backwards.

Remember that thoughts and emotions imprint energy.  You exist in a sea of energy vibrations. This field of energy, this screen of energy, is neutral. It is awaiting your imprint, your projection.

So even in the midst of these misqualified creations of poverty, illness, and any limitations, there is the opportunity to make a shift. That is what we are addressing today. That is what we are acknowledging today. It is this shift that you are responsible for calling forth and anchoring.

Realize that any revolutionary idea that changed the course of history was envisioned by someone who was willing to think outside the box of what was possible. The list of these events and creations is woven into the evolution of this planet and humanity. Every tiny step that shifted humankind has been a part of the evolution of consciousness.

When you review this evolution and acknowledge the phenomenal shifts that influenced and created an entirely new reality - a reality that everyone accepted, used, and became accustomed to - the list is truly endless. Perhaps the first, to get you started, is the discovery or awareness of fire, or how about the idea of people moving through air like birds. One of the biggest shifts was the computer and all that has evolved from there. You see what we mean.

Let us share with you some of the new conscious realities that you have been co-creating with other awake and aware multidimensional starbeings.

More and more information is coming forth about the quantum field and the possibilities of quantum entanglement. It has been proven that when two particles of matter have interacted with each other, they will still interact with each other even when separated by many miles. They are still connected or entangled. When an energetic change happens in one particle, the other distant particle will change at the same instant.

This quantum possibility can explain the story of your hundredth monkey. When one monkey decided to wash a piece of fruit before eating, soon other monkeys observed what had happened and began to wash their fruit as well. So when these groups of monkeys were all washing their fruit, their collective behavior/collective consciousness connected with other monkeys on other islands and they also began to wash their fruit.

There is an awareness coming forth in which more and more people are realizing that even though they have a physical body, they also have an energy body. Your scientists and free thinkers have discovered that the DNA of the physical body is influenced by your thoughts and emotions. They are studying how fear, worry, and stress cause the DNA to contract, while joy, gratitude and appreciation allow the DNA strands to expand.

There are new schools of thought in which it is believed that cells are listening energetically to everything you say and in brain-wave states of relaxation you can begin to develop a conscious relationship with the physical body you have created. 

These are just a few reminders of the awesome awareness and abilities of your unlimited self. You are living in an exciting time in which more and more is being revealed. You, as a collective, are beginning to realize and understand that everything is interconnected. All of nature is interdependent. 

Your words, thoughts, emotions and actions are always influencing this quantum field of reality. When you anchor this understanding, your energy field then passes it on to others, triggering their own awakening and understanding, and they then pass this awareness on to others and there is a big shift that will occur in the field of collective consciousness.

When you think that nothing is happening and that everything is still the same, we invite you to recognize and remember these new realties, these new discoveries, this new awareness being revealed.

When you begin to imagine the possibility of some new reality, a new solution to a planetary problem, when you imagine a possible invention or resolution to a collective mis-creation, you are truly seeding this reality.

 So we invite you to begin to imagine big. Play with the possibilities; explore the unlimited. Ask yourself, if anything were possible what would you call forth. What reality would you anchor, what reality would you co-create with others. Stretch yourself here.

Realize you are entangled and interfacing with this quantum energy field of all potentiality and incredible potency. Own your unlimited magnificence. When you do this, you invite others to own their unlimited magnificence.

We honor you and your willingness to anchor these truths in this reality. We join you upon your invitation and request. Remember how exciting it can be to realize who you are as co-creator. We embrace you with our love and deep gratitude. the 'team'

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