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The ONE We Are Becoming: The Lift-Off

Suzanne has begun another book in her ongoing series on Ascension and the cognitive shifts required of those of us planning on accompanying Gaia as she returns to her long lost, Sacred Star Higher Dimensional Being.  Nothing could be more of the moment...enjoy!

By And Through Suzanne Lie On 2-10-16

Chapter One
The First Ones In
LiftOffIt started with the voices – that is the higher voices. But we heard them not above, but within. At first that was quite disorienting, as we were used to perceiving only outer communications, but very soon the inner location of the voices became normal. That is, it became normal for those of us who could hear the voices.

At first there were just a few of us who could hear the voices, and we thought we were alone in this experience. But, gradually, as we gained the courage to share our experience with others, we found out that we were not alone. Also, somehow, we knew with whom we could share our experience.

In fact, there were certain people that we began to recognize. We did not recognize their faces, or even their bodies. We recognized their “feel.” We later discovered that none of us understood the sensation of “recognition by feeling.”

However, as we found the courage to share our experience with certain people, we discovered that we were all experiencing these voices in the same way. We also learned that there were some people with whom we could NOT share our experience.

As one might guess, we could “feel” with whom we could share our “feelings.” We also discovered that we did not need to use our voices, or be in close physical proximity, to send or receive this feeling to or from others.

At first, we could only experience this unique feeling with our physical body, which would have a certain “knowing” that that person, whether close to us or far away, was communing with us. We began to use the word “commune” rather “communication” because we “felt” each other as if we were ONE person.

I know that this sensation will be very difficult to understand for people who have not experienced it, but I will try my best to explain it. At first, we had conscious experiences of a higher voice, but it was not above us. As I said before, this higher voice was within us.

Having someone communicate with us, especially an invisible someone, from inside of us was disconcerting at first. However, we came to realize that this inner voice was very comforting and even helpful in our daily life. It was as if someone with a higher perspective was showing us the possible and probable realties that we were entering.

I know that I lost you there, so I will explain the above statement more clearly. It was as if we all perceived an invisible – which means we only saw it with our imagination – fork in the road of our life.

One of our “choices of reality,” symbolized by the fork in the road, would absolutely occur if we did not alter ourselves in some fashion. That was the “probable reality.” The other choice, the “possible reality,” was an alternate path that we could experience if we chose.

At first it was disconcerting to have these myriad choices constantly entering our awareness, but as we grew accustomed to these inner directions we found that our lives began to flow. OK, now what do we mean by our life flowing?

The best way to explain a “flowing life” is that we found that when we just LET GO of all the myriad choices of daily life and allowed this inner directive to guide us, we were much happier and could actually do more.

In other words, instead of having to make myriad choices about our daily life, we only had two choices: follow this inner flow or experience the resistance of daily life. In fact, when we chose to “follow the flow,” we did NOT experience the resistance that was normal before we followed the flow.

It was as if we finally realized that there was an alternative to climbing that steep trail of daily life – alone. Until we chose to follow the flow we did not realize that there was an alternative to our “steep trail.” And, most important, before we chose to follow this collective inner directive, we did not know how very alone we had been.

We could remember how it was to feel so alone inside ourselves and even with a good friend or in a crowd of other people. In fact, “other” is a word that began to leave our awareness. As we followed this inner, collective reality, the concept of “other” became extinct.

I can feel that I should also explain the concept of an “inner, collective realty.” Before we began to follow this “inner feel,” we were alone within ourselves. Yes, we could share our lives through communication, which was usually about our work, our kids, or some other 3D activity, but it was separate people talking about separate lives.

The interesting thing that we discovered when we merged into the flow was that, even though we were still “individuals,” we were not separate. We were so united within the flow at the most inner levels of our consciousness, that the external package of our bodies were merely the seemingly separate encasement for our ONE Being.

At first this situation was a bit disconcerting for us because we had all had myriad lives on third dimensional Earth. However, eventually we began to meet Beings who had only had a few incarnations on Earth or had only bi-located onto third dimensional Earth while they kept their primary essence and consciousness on their Starship.

As we, the Ones who had primarily identified ourselves as being humans from physical Earth, merged with the Ones who knew they had only bi-located to Earth, we all began to remember our higher dimensional life. We were not surprised to discover that many of us knew the bi-located Ones from being on the same Ship.

As we all communed, we realized that some of us would return to our Ship, others would move into the energy patterns of fifth dimensional Earth, and others would expand their essence enough to be both on the Ship and on New Earth. New Earth is the name that we started to use for the fifth dimensional frequency of Earth.

At first, most of us could not remember much about our higher dimensional life, but we could perceive and communicate with each other quite naturally. Sometimes one, or a few, of us would “phase out” of our collective perception for a while, but they would usually return. When they returned they had great stories to share with us.

Sometimes they would disappear because they had returned to physical or astral Earth to assist in some manner. It appeared to us that they had only been gone for a short while, but when they returned, they told us how they had been on physical Earth for a long lifetime, or on Astral Earth for a lesser time.

Then there were some who had traveled to their Ship or to one of the frequency levels of New Earth. These “return stories,” as we called them, were very interesting. They told us how we could visit many different frequencies of New Earth and discover that each frequency was quite different.

There was what they called, “Perceptual New Earth,” in which we could perceive it like a movie, but it was actually an “in-between frequency.” This frequency of New Earth was more like an idea than a place.

However, if a group could combine their consciousness enough to embrace that “idea,” they would find themselves interacting as a group on a reality that was highly adaptive to their thoughts and emotions.

Also, in order to remain in this “Adaptive New Earth” they would have to join into the group consensus that this version of New Earth was indeed real. Hence, even though that reality seemed to waver and change with every thought and emotion, it was a “real” reality.

This Adaptive New Earth is where the group needed to remain in total consciousness calibration with each other or they would “fall out” of the experience. When they “fell out” they returned to Perceptual New Earth.

They told us that they could observe Perceptual New Earth, but they could not enter into that perception. In other words, they could perceive it, but they could not live it. We say “perceive” rather than see, hear or feel it, as that frequency of Earth did not look, sound or seem at all like physical Earth.

Perceptual Earth was more like the Astral Plane of the fourth dimension in that it looked like a dream or something they were making up. However, they were all “making up” the same reality and having the same dream/reality.

It was because of the adventures of some of our friends, that we realized we were moving into New Earth. We instinctively knew that we were experiencing New Earth as groups because the power of Unity Consciousness assisted us to better understand and accept our very unique experience.

Our collective experience of releasing that which we had always known as “real” and embracing an entirely different experience of reality was greatly facilitated by the intimate relationship of our group.

When trusted friends, family and loved ones that had known us when we were “just” physical were having the exact same experiences, it was much easier for us to “believe” that what we were experiencing was REAL.

I understand that the above statement can be quite confusing, so I suggest you think of our experience as if you were dreaming and found dear friends and family from your waking life sharing the same dream with you.

In the same manner as a dream, at first, you will likely “wake up” to your 3D self. What we mean by that is that at first you will “fall out” of that frequency of consciousness. However, just as sleep is important and alpha wave dreams guide you, your initial short-term visits to New Earth are important and will definitely guide you.

Again, we must add that this guidance will not be above, behind, or in front of you as via any 3D guidance. This guidance will be within you. Perceiving reality as an inner feeling, perception, idea, emotion and/or thought will likely be that most challenging part of your experience. It definitely was for us.

However, we were “the first Ones in.” Because we could not share our experience with anyone from our 3D, outer reality, we instantly bonded very deeply with each other. Of course, everything in New Earth is instant, and we were automatically very close because we instantly perceived ourselves as ONE.

I guess it was because we had already bonded so deeply before we actually moved beyond Perceptual New Earth and Adaptive New Earth and into what we called “Threshold New Earth.” Before we actually entered Threshold New Earth we came to an invisible energy field.

Before this threshold, we had experienced what we were later told was the fourth dimension. It was then that we were also told that New Earth resonated to the fifth dimension. I must admit that most of our journey through the fourth dimension was the process of visiting higher and higher frequencies of what was called “Mystery Schools.”

It was in these Mystery Schools that our group became larger and larger. We started out as a relatively small group of men and women who had not had any kind of esoteric teachings. We were just regular people who had no idea or even forewarning of what we were about to experience.

Now you might think that that would make us frightened, but the constant feeling of Unconditional Love for ALL life was so welcoming and totally safe. Therefore, we just “let go” into this unknown experience thinking that we were having some kind of group illusion. It was not until we came to Threshold New Earth that we realized that we had actually left all illusion behind us.

I will try to explain the sensation of TRUTH, but I am not sure I can put that experience into words. Yes, Truth is actually an experience. We had left a reality so filled with lies and illusions that that energy field was normal. Yes, the concept of energy field was also something we learned about in Threshold New Earth.

However, I think I am getting ahead of myself. I apologize, but since I came to Threshold New Earth, my concepts of time and sequence are disappearing from my mind. It is for this reason that I must document our journey here on Threshold New Earth, as I know I will likely lose all connection to third dimensional thinking once I cross that Threshold.

Please, allow me to go back in sequence to our first sensations of our experiences of the progressive versions of New Earth. I say “progressive” because each of the before-mentioned versions of New Earth prepared us to journey on into the next octave of New Earth.

OK, I think I should start with explaining the concept of “octaves of New Earth.” When we perceived these different octaves, we had an inner knowing to move past them and continue our journey.

However, my Higher Self, who greeted me on Threshold New Earth, told me that I am to be a reporter or a scribe. What that means is that it is my Mission to report our journey to those who are still bound to their experience of physical Earth.

Dr. Lie
Now, before I go backwards to explain each of the versions of New Earth that our group moved beyond, I want you to know that I was just a “regular person” on 3D Earth. I still have no idea how I was chosen to partake in this marvelous event, but I do live in constant thanksgiving for this great privilege.

Therefore, before I go back to the beginning I want to share the main thing that I learned which is the power of Gratitude. I will go into this concept more deeply later, but I want to say now that it was because our groups were able to be thankful for our experience that we could continue all the way to New Earth.

You see, Gaia is a free will planet. I had no idea what that meant. However, my Higher Self tells me that we took a body on 3D Earth to learn how to be the Master of our free will. I still do not understand how I mastered my free will, but perhaps it occurred when I chose to listen to and follow the directives of my inner voice.

I must admit that the most challenging directive was to “feel” the inner voice. The second greatest challenge was to find the courage to share my experience with others.

To be continued...

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