Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ben Fulford / Mike Harris Interview - Feb 4 2016

Folks, we're in prime hundredth-monkey time as indicated by the release of two recent interviews with major disclosure conduits: Seldan Nidle and Ben Fulford.  They got the memo about getting all-hands-on-deck and have released these pithy broadcasts in addition to their weekly blogposts (as seen on this site.) Git Sum! Thanks to Rumor Mill News for this link...

Mike Harris interviewed Ben Fulford on Feb. 4th for his Short End of the Stick radio show.

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The audio MP3 is also available at:

This was a fascinating discussion, and mostly a positive one. Ben Fulford thinks the days of the cabal’s power reign are almost over. 2016 looks to be a very important year.

MH: “Everytime I interview you, someone puts it up on Youtube. We get a quarter of a million views, and then it disappears.”

BF: “Let’s make sure it doesn’t disappear this time.” (this comes at the end of the podcast)

To keep the discussion going no matter what, the good people at GEI have started a thread.
Here’s the link:…

Go visit it, to read a good summary, and discuss it. RMN
Ben Fulford’s website :

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