Thursday, February 25, 2016

Emptiness Is The Alchemical State

pathless copy 2'To be empty means to be aware of a supreme source in your life and allowing the grace of its power to carry and to sustain you at all times, in full faith. We are not proclaiming to really know anything for all true knowing is of this absolute source.

Surrendering to emptiness is really surrendering to be your natural self. This means to always be true to the authentic you. You are opening up, in total vulnerability, to the understanding that you are created, in the image of the Infinite. Therefore, live your true and most natural self always.

The conflict comes in when we are trying to be something or somebody that we are not. This throws us for a loop internally. Then life reflects back to us this conflicted energy in the form of some really uncomfortable experiences of struggle and strife.

When you are your natural, most authentic self, you will recognize the conflict-free zone of being perfectly centered in abundant life energy. You become a living, walking still point, because, you are willing to “surrender” to your true self in each and every moment.

There is no better way to reach into this emptiness than through a stillness type practice such as meditation, yoga or just simple down time from the busy mind. The other vital key is to create space in your day to connect and commune with the consciousness of pure ‘Presence’ Itself.

This does not mean that you have to sit cross-legged, with hand mudras and chanting the names of God. Meditation can be however you define it to be, and whatever works for you to get into a space of quiet communion with your source of life.

It is to put into play whatever feels comfortable for you to authentically feel in harmony with life and the underlying spiritual presence that guides and sustains you. Through this attunement, it is much easier to make contact with that deep vibrational resonance of stillness that is at your core.'

This is an excerpt from the MORPHOGENESIS:
Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness.
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