Friday, February 12, 2016

The Power of Sacred Intent

 By Maria Bethancourt On 2-11-16

A very POWERFUL spiritual tool that is available to ALL of us, regardless of where we are individually in our spiritual journey, is the setting of our SACRED INTENT.

It overrides all other lower level consciousness, and instantly raises our frequency, assisting us in staying centered in our Hearts.

As always, take what you need and leave the rest behind.

Question everything through the beautiful filter that is your Heart.
The easiest way to begin to flex this spiritual “muscle”, is when we first wake up in the morning.

Upon awakening, give thanks for the fact YOU are still here in physicality.

Give thanks to your BODY for THIS.

An attitude of gratitude instantly raises your frequency and automatically begins your day in a higher vibrational timeline.

We are here to anchor the incoming Source Energies, this is done with our physical bodies, so therefore be thankful for the fact that you have another day in which to assist in the shifting of this Magnificent Earth.

Louise Hay
THIS we call “walking in service”.

As you center in your Heart, STATE AND SET the Sacred Intent to Walk every second of every moment of every breath that you take IN THE LIGHT.

As the day progresses keep setting your intent to walk in the Light whenever you feel off Heart Center.

Use this tool as often as you need to do so.

Eventually it becomes like breathing, you do this without even “thinking” about it.
Yes, it is THAT easy.

This is how we step into our mastery, by remembering our many forgotten spiritual tools and using them to assist in the balancing of our energetic, physical, mental,emotional and spiritual bodies.

We then incorporate these tools everyday.

Just as we brush our teeth without thinking about it, so do we also begin to use these sacred tools without “thinking” about it.

The more we consciously set our sacred intent, the more we step into our sovereignty and remember our passions, our joys, the reason why we are here.

When we step into our joy, others around us are drawn to our energy, our inner peace.

They begin to question…how come we are so happy…what is it we do?

From here we share tips and tools with them, show them how we did it.

By living our lives in the Light, in transparency, we show others that it is indeed possible to live peacefully.

With no drama.

And when we shine our light we attract to us those who are ready in their journey to begin to remember who they are and need our support.

We become The Lighthouses we were Born to Be, shining our Light so that all that choose to awaken and remember can see us, feel us, find us and support us as we support them.

And so the cycle continues.

For as we awaken we begin to assist others, and as they awaken they assist others too…and so on and so on.

The more we use this tool, the more we become empowered and begin to step into our Sovereignty, the more we can assist others in doing the same.

So grateful to have remembered THIS.

Other POWERFUL TOOLS for centering in your Heart.


Please share this to assist others in their path of remembering.

In Love, Light and Joyful Service.

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