Sunday, December 29, 2019

A Christmas Message From ECETI Ranch

 By James Gilliland

We are living in exciting times. The previous evening 31 ships flew over ECETI, it was quite a welcoming party. I managed to get most of them on film. They each powered up over the house then phased out. They were Pleiadian followed by a massive Orion Council of Light ship. The planetary liberation is in full swing.

What better time than Christmas when people’s hearts are open and receptive. Not every spiritual experience is an angel or ascended master. There are whole civilizations of beings living in what many would term Buddha or Christ consciousness. Some are physical, yet the majority are non-physical or less dense physical. They have ships comprised of plasma or energy, some are magnetized light ships and their bodies can also be energy bodies or magnetized light bodies. This is well known throughout the ancient text and civilizations yet often ignored in Christian organizations though well documented in the bible.

The lights on the River Chebar, Elisha ascending in a fiery chariot, Ezekiel’s wheel within a wheel, references to the sweet energy of the Pleiadies and the Sons of Arcturus are all references to off world or trans dimensional beings. The frescoes with ships and their occupants flying through the air are depictions of this.  Contacts with these beings are replete throughout history going back to the original colonies which were in fact of extraterrestrial origin.

Modern day archeology is revealing this with much opposition. The Earth was a series of colonizations which had to start over as primitives due to catastrophes, pole shifts, ice ages, meteor impacts, tsunamis and major volcanic eruptions. Do you really think cave men built the monolithic structures, 100,000 pyramids many still undiscovered to this day? Ancient star glyphs, hieroglyphs, and Sumerian text tell these stories often written in stone. Modern artifacts have been found dating back 50 to 600 million years old.

So what does this have to do with Christmas? When Mary was pregnant with Jesus Joseph was very upset and said I am not going to marry this woman she is with child and I have not slept with her or known her as they refer to it. Mary was a virgin so how was she with a child. A being appeared to Joseph who’s origin was not of Earth, he was extraterrestrial. He said this is Gods child and you will raise him as your own. So, who was the father? Who’s genetics were used to impregnate Mary? If Jesus’s father was not of the Earth, then by the strict definition of the word he was half extraterrestrial.

Now there is a shocker. I have probably lost a lot of Christians but bear with me. Mary was of Lyrian lineage. Her genetics were of the first known colonies and was pure. They had to upgrade the physical body to hold the soul of Jesus which had already mastered any need for physical expression and was incarnating from the plane of bliss, the 7th dimension. His soul force would have burned up the synapses of a regular human which made it necessary to carry out a master plan. His message was in his life although distorted by overzealous and less than indecorous men.

Before Jesus was twelve he said he was the son of man. He was the son of Joseph and Mary. His real name was Joshua bin Joseph some say Yeshua.  The Greeks gave him the name Jesus which translates to son of Zeus or God. His identity at the time of the statement was I am the son of man Joseph and Mary’s son. Later he said I am a messenger of God and began delivering messages in the temples.

As he continued to evolve and step into his role he said I am the son of God, he realized he was a soul that came from God and no longer identified with his personality and body. For that blasphemous statement they wanted to stone him. As he stepped further into his role he became totally immersed in God, the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the universe. At-one-ment. Jesus went within, expanded in awareness until he became one with God/Creator/Great Spirit whatever name you wish to use.

His life was the message and the path. Did he not say, “Ye are all Gods, children of the most high, The temple is within, beloved father let them become one as we are one.” Enlightenment, Christ or Buddha consciousness is an internal experience. Jesus said, “Ye search the scriptures in vein, for I speak of a living God.” He was speaking of the Creator within all Creation. Paul said, “There are no divisions in God, when you are walking in love you are walking with God. God is the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout Universe.

In it’s most unlimited definition God is pure unconditional love, joy and bliss.” It is egoless. It cannot judge which is why Jesus said, “Neither do I judge thee nor does my father judge go and sin no more.” Sin is an archery term. It means you missed the mark, gain the wisdom from the experience and try again. Forgive yourself, others, and know Gods love is without judgment. We judge ourselves and accept the judgment of others which is the real sin.

By the way hell is a garbage pit where if you did not have enough shekels for a proper burial you were tossed on the garbage and burned. Sin and Hell have been used to manipulate the masses creating go-betweens to deliver you from both. The temple is within and it is there your access forgiveness. Self forgiveness for in the eyes of God you were never judged. A lot is said for restitution.

One accesses God/Creator/Great Spirit by going within and expanding in awareness until they become one with God/Creator/Great Spirit. In conclusion Jesus began as the son of man, Joseph and Mary. He started to receive messages and became a messenger of God. He realized he was much more than a body and a personality he was an eternal soul born of God, the son of God. He later totally immersed himself by going within through prayer and meditation until he became one with God. His life was the message and the path to enlightenment and ascension.

Imagine if the world understood this message. It is a message of Unity Consciousness. Quantum physics at its best. The wars would end, the Creator within all Creation would be respected, and people would be living under Universal Law. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All would be the rule of the land. Imagine that. Imagine if Churches, Synagogues, Ashrams, Temples around the world taught this message. What if they went back to their original intent which was to empower each individual to make their own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection? What is they took care of those less fortunate, the sick, the hungry, the homeless. What if they taught the Creator is not separate from Creation for what did Creation come from other than the Creator?

It would not be complete without mentioning Mother Mary or Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mary is not Catholic, she is a universal being. She is concerned with the health and well being of all children as all mothers connected to the divine feminine. She extremely unhappy with what is happening with the children. Any institution religious or otherwise that abuses children will be held accountable and will fall. To those who know of these atrocities this is one of the best Christmas messages they can hear. Know the divine feminine, the house of Mary will put an end to this.

She is working through many to accomplish this and to those working with her and on her behalf we salute you. It has been a priority with the leaders of most nations especially America though you will not hear about it in the main press. It is not hatred of these transgressors but love for the children that drives these forces. Love is the ultimate power in the universe it is the birther of all things, the manifesting force behind all creation and the cosmic glue that holds all things together. Fill your hearts with love throughout the holidays and beyond. That is the message of God/Creator/Great Spirit and all Ascended Masters, Saints, Sages and Enlightened Elders around the world.

Be well, know you are loved, accept, love and be kind to yourself and others.

One more thing I might add, now is the time to drop into and discern from the heart, use discernment and critical thinking. Be open to the fact that the world may not be as you have been told. We live in a polarized world of opposites which is becoming more polarized. This is social engineering.

Learn to communicate without emotional attachments, search for facts not assumptions. Do your own research knowing no matter what institution they have a vested interest in steering the masses in their direction. Steer your own ship from an educated base that way you won’t become the Titanic. One ship is sinking while another is rising. Be sure your on the right ship. 


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