Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-31-19

 Stop Me If You've Heard This One...

Neon Revolt gets good airplay from the folks at Stillness in the Storm; popcorn for Kekfest:

Sorcha nails it - POTUS has already become 'the most trusted news source in America'; Suck It CNN:

Creator seems to be alluding to the ongoing Swamp Drainage going on world-wide; High Time:

Soon all eyes will be on [Obama] and the MB as the President deconstructs the Cabal Conspiracy:

Slowly but Shirley the world is demilitarizing (as per Q); Ukranian swamp draining Accelerates:

Georgie Porgie had his fingers in sooo many pies; this master Cabal 'fixer' was the first to Go:

This isn't at all surprising considering all the animal communicators in San Francisco; Snark-a-Thon:

Odd how this news item was shit-canned as soon as it happened; finally the Storm Is Upon Them:

If you still hold the delusion of being in the 'same old energies', watch this little video from Sweden:

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