Monday, December 2, 2019

Quantum Teachings ~ Ease And Grace, or Struggle and Effort?

Our thanks and a tip-o-the-cap to Suzanne Maresca for the lead on this lovely little article.

By Amu Raëa On 12-1-19

Ease and Grace, or struggle and efforts? A rather difficult choice…

There are many who would say that a path of Ease and Grace into Realization, is the same as a path of struggle, efforts, and suffering. They would say “this is the same destination, but different paths”. However, they do not seem to understand that Realization isn’t a destination to suffer our way to, but a Natural Process to allow and relax into.

Humans have expectations of what it should be, but it is far grander than what any could imagine. The Human that you are isn’t responsible for Realization, it couldn’t possibly understand nor grasp how to do it. The human is only there to acknowledge the process, and jump into it almost ‘naively’.

Ultimately, the Human Facet of the beings who choose to struggle will get worn out by all this work, it will have tried everything and will be left with nothing, on its knees trying to find yet another cliche spiritual quote, to pull itself out of this feeling of dis-empowerment.

Any who is on a path of power, effort and suffering will always end up releasing all that, and relax into a path of Ease and Grace. Because once that happens, you have nothing left to lose… you have no choice but to relax, and allow energy to serve you.

Yet you don’t have to hit the bottom of this abyss, in order to realize it. Acknowledge, Relax into the Awareness that all Energy will always serve your Realization, will always serve the best possible outcome for you. Without specifically having to know what’s coming.

Relax into the Knowingness that All is Well.
Relax. And Allow. It’s that simple.

Relaxing into your Realization doesn’t require any mental nor physical practice. There is no visualization you need to do in your mind, no mantra that needs to be whispered, and no ceremony that needs to be done… it is only a matter of relaxing into your awareness, and allowing everything to be.

Allowing everything to flow on its own. Relaxing into the Knowingness that Energies will always serve the best outcome for you. Relaxing into the Knowingness that All is Well in All of Creation. Relaxing into the Awareness that your Realization is Already Here… and most importantly, Relaxing into your Soul’s Appreciation for its own Existence.

Anything further than that, will only cloud the Graceful Simplicity of your Consciousness.

Question of the month:
“Do you feel like you have spiritually
achieved the “stage” you want to be at?

I wouldn’t call this “spiritual”, because ultimately, everything is spiritual and nothing is. To me it is a matter of Consciousness, Awareness, it is about how deep you can be Relaxed and Aware in your Reality.

So in a way yes, I’m already where I want to be. Because the moment we place our Realization as something distant, it goes further and further away. We create the illusion that it’s in the future… while in fact, it is already here in this perfect moment, waiting to be Realized, Experienced, Relaxed into.

When I say “relaxing”, I do not mean through meditation. I do not do any of those practices. The Experience of Life in Human Form is what I would call my meditation. To me it is about relaxing into the Knowingness that everything is here, that All is Well in All of Creation, that there is nothing to worry or be anxious about, that there is nothing in Existence to be fearful of… but most of all, to me it is about Assuming my Beingness in a Realm of Ease, Grace, Fulfillment, Simplicity, Passion, and Mastery.

It means to pull out the Sword of Responsibility from the stone of what was old, as The Master, as the Absolute Chooser of all my Experiences. It means to go beyond karma, victim-hood, providence, and blame. It means that Every Breath is my own, every moment is mine to behold. It means that by any name, I am a Sovereign Being.

And there is nothing to work on, nor improve for you to experience it. This belief makes you feel imperfect… and the energies align to that Truth which you choose to hold as your own.

But you can relax in the Knowingness that you are a Perfect Angel, and that there is nothing to improve. It is not a thought, it is like Sensing. The Sense of Knowingness, The Sense of Fulfillment, The Sense of Beauty, The Sense of Simplicity, The Sense of Perfection… allow yourself to relax into your Divine Senses.

Allow yourself to experience the art of sensing the Beauty and Perfection in each and every single thing, no matter how it may appear with linear human eyes. Relax into the Knowingness, that your being will never forget the Awareness of your Divine Senses.

There is no try… simply Relax into the Knowingness that it’s already done. Energies don’t make the difference, they’ll always align to the Truth you choose to hold as your own. The mind wants things to be complicated, but Consciousness is Simple.

In fact, Consciousness is Absolute Simplicity. The more we cloud this Simplicity with having to “work towards it”, the further away it gets from us.

The mind doubts it of course, because how could it be as simple and graceful as Relaxing into the Knowingness that All is Well in All of Creation, that All Energy will always serve the Best Outcome for us? The mind doesn’t like that, because it negates all the work it has done on itself to make itself better, to make itself “more spiritual”, or to achieve its goals.

But I am here to bear witness.
It IS as Simple and Graceful as that.
Relax beyond all Earthly and Human Matters ~
Relax into the Knowingness that All is Well in All of Creation ~
And that All Energies will always serve the Best Outcome for You ~
With many blessings and warm wishes,
Amu Raëa


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