Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-3-19

Bird Watching In The Swamp

Aluna Kay from Sydney shares these truths about our Planetary Process and The Event: Grok On:

Morag goes on about the recent flood of Dark Portals and how to negate their effects; High Vibe It:

Cabal dominated Chinese Communist Party rulers make no bones about harvesting ‘their’ Sheeple:

Nice dig from an Anon on just how easily the Black Ops military can stop a hurricane in its Tracks:

Why am I not surprised at Hitler's little bloodline granddaughter being true to her Fascist Lineage:

Bodies, we've got bodies,we've got lots and lots of (mostly invisible to the naked eye) Bodies Baby:

Want your own MIB Flashy-thingie? They’ve got em at the Dulce Base, tho access is a Problem:

Acceptance of what you cannot change is the starting point of any Recovery Program; K.I.S.S.:

The Gnostic injunction to the Seeker to 'Know Thyself' just won't go away; maybe something to It:

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