Sunday, December 8, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-8-19

 We're Lookin' At Ghosts And Empties, Folks

KP posted this intro to a very moving QAnon related video on Trumps Karma; visual Grokfest:

Anon Sierra from NZ does a lovely presentation of the latest on our favorite 'Ghost"
Here's an interesting December Energy Report that recommends not impeaching anybody; Git Sum:

The crooked Susan G. Comen cancer scam and others are outed in this Medical Mafia Disclosure:

Epstein ain’t dead yet, the White Hats ‘spirited’ him away and he’s sings very Loudly:

Grace Solaris channels The Arcturians - the Event is Eden being resurrected within each One of You:

Multiple Mike pulls another Message out of thin air (or someplace) and I dutifully re-post Here:

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