Sunday, December 29, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-29-19

Orange Is A Good Look...

POTUS aka Q+,is getting ready to go Public; Breaking memes as we have them; pics at 11:

Virginia lawmakers are really pushing the Soros, nation-busting agenda; Patriots locked and Loaded:

Lionel sez: They think you are an idiot. Period. Who is They you ask; a 5 minute listen-up, Git Sum:

The long awaited off-to-the-races moment for Epstein associates and ‘Customers':

Finally, Jerry comes out of his Massapequa LI closet and tells the whole world; Thank Festivus:

The AIDS virus was a biological weapon developed by Paperclip Nazi scientists at Ft. Detrick, USA:

Why let Christmas stop the fight? French pension strikers march into fourth week of protests; Allez:

Looks like there’s some grope-need quid-pro-quo going on in the creepy Magic Kingdom; Garn:

A holiday offering from Lee Carroll channelling Kryon, 12-29-19 - The Winds of Change:

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