Thursday, December 19, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-18-19

Get Your Popcorn Folks,
The Big Show Is About To Begin

If you’ve, perchance, lost your sense of humor, best find a new one, you’ll need in the days to Come:

AG Barr (the Stealth B2 Bomber of Q post fame) is about to get medieval on the Cabal; just Sayin’:

The true horror in this report is that this mass poisoning is bio warfare on Humanity: a terrible Trioka:

I just love my Sauna ritual after my swimming workout; this info adds a deeper layer of Cleansing:

Rudy is orchestrating a YUUUGE Godfather 3 Finale for the Khazarian Cabal abomination; Presto:

Brenda does her usual fine job of helping the Ascending Ones cope with The Process:

Straight from our ‘You Can’t Make This Shit Up File’ Liddle Turkish Troll Turns Turtle:

Miles Guo Exposed Chinese Vice President’s Role As “Invisible Lord” Of “Dual Cultivation”

Giving Creator the last words just seems like the Right thing to Do; Duh!:

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