Thursday, December 12, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-12-19

Another Full Moon Dumpster-Fire Of A Digest

We begin this 12:12 Dig with this peek into the ongoing Gateway Chaos from Jenny Shiltz:

They are falling all over themselves to hurry out to the public the long existence of Starfleet:

 Trump is X17 incarnate; a game-changing Force of Nature previously unknown: Trumpness:

We just can't leave this aspect of The Cabal unexamined; it is profoundly Central to it; Discretion:

This is the future of 5D healthcare; energetic resetting of the body to its natural perfection: Git Sum:

Jordan Sather looses it on camera!(17) SEVEN Q Proofs From the IG Report (MINDBLOWN!):

Enjoy the Sounds True Holiday Stress-busting Swag-bag of a PDF; git sum Free Stuff:

Morag O’Brien shares her uncut/edited Full Gemini Moon Instructional Rant; Ponderfest fer Shure:

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