Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-10-19

 Liddleputians Beware !

He's Even Bigger On The Inside

Sorcha and Ben are on the same wavelength; good Q-induced words and imagery - Grok Sum:

The Twin Soul Ascension Report on the 12.12 Master Portal; Disclosure for Ascending Hue-manity:

Ditch the soy: There's a lot more risk in this than you'd ever imagine; good 3 minute Deep Dive:

Archangel Gabriel, channelled via Shanta Gabriel, shares on your blossoming Super Powers:

A brief summary of the Cabals ongoing war with the Lighted Divine Feminine; Grokkable: https://jchristoff.com/mind-control-directed-entirely-at-the-female/

Jennifer Hoffman puts up another lovely bit of un-solicited advice you just don't want to Miss:

Soros was a front man for the Cabal and was, IMHO, the first to be executed by the Military Tribunals back in 2018. Which begs the question: Who is the new George 2.0 signing Checks?

Tucker Carlson does a noteworthy on-air dig into the Cabal engineered demise of flyover America:

Our Lady of Mount Shasta's been high-vibin' all over the great and scenic Southwest; Liftoff:

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