Monday, December 9, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-9-19

Oh Look, The Sky's Gone All Sparkly

As the 12:12 Full Moon approaches it behooves us to take a massively collective closer Look

Morag writing for the In5D website; Your 5D Existence:Multiple Incarnations In A Single Lifetime:

Anna Von Reitz nails it again, in her own inimitable style; my only edit; Past Tense -"Owned"!

I’m starting a new Digest section called 'RICO ROLL-UPS'; these articles are a recent Sampling:

Sorcha and the crew back at the Kremlin keep dishing up insightful Follies analysis; use Discretion:

The “glue” that makes us all average, normal, and clueless by Jon Rappoport, a Heavy Thinker:

Blossom is surviving the Australian fires and still communicating with the FOL orbs; their Latest:

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