Sunday, December 22, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-22-19

Joyeux Noël !


Anon digger, Neon Revolt has just given himself the Big Galactic Red Pill; he's expected to Recover:

Morag O'Brien gets bent out of shape by Bad Man Boris (Irish political genes) but groks the Rest:

British spook-central.MI5, wants to allow FF attacks for" national security”; just like our Klowns:

Anna Von Reitz sums up the reality of our Presidency in the fully Restored Constitutional Republic:

This one just in from Sierra in NZ; I too get a strong hit of JFK Jr. and Archangel Michael:

Jennifer Farley does a lovely job fronting for Creator; get the latest download NOW:

Judy does a good executive summary of the global Satanic child trafficking network; Grokfest:

Jordan Sather's hot stuff...Vaccine Wars, raging they Are! Mmmmm....git sum Truth-out:

The Columbian Shamanic Masters, the Kogi Mamo and Zagas, offer this Solstice Blessing:

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