Monday, December 16, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-16-19

 It's Getting Scary In The Swamp

Our Lady of Mt. Shasta sends us regular updates of the On and Off-planet activities; Grok On:

The Paris Climate Accord is a Cabal power grab and Not about the Actual Climate:

 Squirming around for millions of years; suggestive similarity could induce premature Hilarity:

X22 Report Dave rocks in his socks with these latest Q analysis; Ponderfest for Lurkers:

Jon Rappoport does a fine job of showing us just how the Cabal perceive us Sheeple 

Our Consciousness in a non-local, timeless Awareness; fascinating story here - Git Sum:

Weekly re-cap from Jordan and the latest from David Wilcock;  SPACE FORCE AHOY!

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