Friday, December 13, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-13-19

Friday The Thirteenth

Comes On A Friday This Month

Go Figure...

Kim Semetis from In5D concisely summarizes the ongoing energetic transformation of Ascension:

Praying Medic writes a very useful guide for those watching the ongoing Swamp Draining:

These PolitiZoid folks are from Schiffs West Hollywood district. where he gets very little Respect:

This is truly the “Dirtiest War”; when you follow the money it all starts to make Sense:

US Congress doing everything to destroy relations with Russia, says Lavrov; for Follies, dig Here:

This is YUUUGE! Beam me up, Scotty, Warp factor 5 Mr. Sulu...Spock, you have the Con; Engage:

Oy, robbing Saint Peter to pay for Pedo Perversions; this slo-mo Vatican self destruction is Biblical:

Like countless other alternative media editors I just could not, in good conscience, pass on this Story

Gillian has put out a Wonderful holiday edition of her Quantum Awakening Newsletter; Read Sum:

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