Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Shift Update – Tsunami Of Light Waves


By Morag O'Brien On 12-9-19

We Shift again friends, less fear, more love. Breathe it out. Lean into energetic transformation. Lean into chaos cycles triggered by the Cabal. Lean into chakra healing and expansion. Ride the tsunami of Light waves coming through. 12.12 Portal is key in our Ascension. Duality illuminated in Gemini vibrations. Can we dissolve polarity, reset the matrix to Light, free our souls from perpetual fear algorithms.

We vote for Compassion. We vote for an end to dinosaur politics. We vote for progress. As a collective we are Shifting from patriarchal pyramid politics to Heart led, circular policies. 2019 has been a marathon of karmic clearing, accelerated chaos, downloads and upgrades. 12.12 is a marker, a kind of finish line for this phase of the Awakening.

We have been seed sowing for a long time. 333 gateways offered opportunities to find Self in the maelstrom of energetic warfare we are living through. The final portal of 2019, 12.12 is in sight. Pace ourselves. We’ve come a long way friends. We are running on empty after intensive growth, cosmic intervention and relentless battle with resistance.

Rest and reflection is the magic potion to get us to the 12.12 finish line. The result will be down to the truth in people’s hearts. The work will continue either way. Underlining the whole Awakening business is Love. Encapsulated in soul tribe trust. Authenticity and surrender. Love of Self has been our learning curve, 2019 our Cosmic Classroom. Assimilation the name of the Game. Pppppphhhhheeeewwww!

Divine Feminine rissssiiinng hit quantum leap 11.11, as prophesied by all the Great Seers, ancient wisdom. She anchored in April 2019 on the material plane. Sacred Ceremony held beneath the rays of the Crystal Children’s Aries Full Moon and the New Earth was birthed. We broke through the final membrane of the Fifth Dimension. We cut cords, released the anchor of Third Dimension density and rose to the Fourth Realm.

Misogyny went into overdrive. The Patriarchy came for us. Voiced by as many women as men, pressures to buckle under the glass ceiling of sexist oppression. The Feminine regrouped, held space for Dreamweaving, She broke her chains. She stands tall, adorned, glowing, sinuous, lit. She holds the wounded Masculine in her arms. She heals.

Disabling envy algorithms, dissolving matriarchal ancestral curses, cancers and crosses to bear. Karmic clearing accelerated beyond anything seen before. The Grandmothers were with us every step of the way. Their ancestral wisdom permeates our wokeness. Their gentleness masked by wry, knowing, twinkling smiles. We are in depths of gratitude for all the Grandmothers did for Divine Feminine Uprising in 2019.

The rising Feminine fought hard for Her freedom. What She wants, She gets. She feels Her power grow. She is ready. She has stepped into the Unknown. She Let it Go. She is free. She soars like an Eagle, she Sees it all. She knows. Angels rejoice in her divinity, her beauty, her Goddess Lght. The collective consciousness shook with the earthquake of Divine Feminine anchoring.

Her seeds grew. She blossomed quickly. The Feminine has always been organized, rational, grounded, nurturing, visionary. We return to Self. We found Self. We light the Way for our Sisters to find us, as we lead each other back to Self. Programmed Givers, we are learning we are Containers. We are water flowing. We ensure there are no leaks. We are the temples of our families, our worlds.

The Divine Masculine is mired in the devil’s details, wounded. Allow tears for all the wounds sustained in thousands of years of abuse and attack. Both are wounded, Feminine and Masculine. We give each other time, hold space for healing. Men and women have operated under such tight scrutiny its endemic in our psyches. We are intensively conditioned to traits that are INVERSIONS of truth. Men can be vulnerable, sweet, caring, gentle, funny, warm hearted and kind. Women can be clear thinking with superhighway minds for multi tasking magnificence. We can be focused, energetic, resourceful, strong and nurturing.

Harmonizing, healing of Masculine and Feminine, is under the cosmic spotlight as we push through the final ripples of Chirons healing retrograde. She has delved deep into our souls, sifted through our fears, our hidden traumas, our deepest secrets. She has brought all truth to light for those who surrendered to her spiritual healing. We soar heights of such blissful spaces. Chiron has helped us clear eons worth of damage to the masculine and feminine.

We can lean into this realignment beautiful people. The masks are coming off. We are relearning who we are. We can trust our guts, energy never lies. We can drop our guards, slowly, carefully, in our own time. All are wounded. Many are operating on siphoned souls. Retrieval, synthesis, comes from healing our traumas. Restoring balance within of our  Divine Masculine and Feminine Selves. We Show Our Selves. We draw our soul brothers and sisters to us in Angelic spiritual resonance.

12.12 Twin Full Moon magic is pulsing through our atmosphere. Manifest your heart’s desires beautiful people. Dream-weave. Call him or her, let them know you are Ready. Lean into Cosmic Light rays of 222 Twin Flame Divine Union, Sacred Rays of energy held within the material plane, anchored by brave souls, traveling simultaneously.

Twin Flame frequencies are defining the final stages of this profound Earth year in the Ascension. They are the archetype of harmony in Masculine and  Feminine energies. All karma can be cleared. Warriors of light, let our faith be held in the union of Sacred Twin Flame. Soul Mates are ready. Love is everywhere, flooding the Earth Plane. Own it.

We are all stepping into the unknown. We raise our voices in dissent. We vote for compassion. It’s happening. Once we get there, we’re there. We stride into the unknown, we Know it’s safe. It’s peace. It’s abundance. It’s LOVE. Nothing can go wrong if it comes from a place of heart.

Hold space for Self, we cannot find our soul-flame until we are At One with Self; all else will be learning to get there. Surrender to the process. Release resistance. Cry. Lots of us are crying it out for the Collective. Get a cuddle. Dance. Nap. Do stuff. Whatever resonates go with it.

Lean into resistance from others rather than confrontation. No one can handle it at the moment. The world is upside down and we are trying to right it. Capsized for a long time, it thinks perpetual drowning is normal. The Light is just above the surface. We heave, we pull, we work together, we expand to raise all to the surface. For now we are living it one moment to the next.

Flow with Gemini Full Moon 12.12 Portal. Duality, Polarity, the Twins will hold all the confusion in their sacred energies. Trust all will happen as it should in Divine Alignment. Its diamonds and demons beautiful people. Have faith the diamonds will hold their Light, stabilizing the tumultuous wounded Masculine and rising Feminine energies.

Twins anchor the whole thing down, so that everyone can catch their breath, find their footing and manifest their Heart’s desires, when they’re ready. Jeshua and Mary; Neo and Trinity.

The archetypes are core programming units for the Lighted New Earth.

We have the strength, the self knowledge and the higher dimensional frequencies, all will be well.

In Light and Love Beautiful People.

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