Thursday, December 26, 2019

Vast Societal Changes Are Occurring All AcrossThe Planet

 Wherein Saul describes the controlled demolition of the Cabal we are experiencing right NOW, done mostly behind the scenes and with Galactic style and Quantum panache; Git Sum...

Channelled Via John Smallman On 11-22-11

As you wait expectantly for the illusory reality to dissolve into the nothingness from which you imagined it into existence, know that you are receiving divine support on an unprecedented scale. Vast societal changes are occurring all across the planet, as you are well aware from the media reports, as humanity begins to understand that the freedom it so desperately desires cannot be kept from it.

People everywhere are peacefully announcing that they will no longer submit to the misguided and insane rules that have been imposed on them for so long. Those who have wielded authority with such arrogance are finally discovering that they have no authority, and that they have absolutely no right even to attempt to enforce rules and regulations on others in order to control and manipulate them.

Many of those authoritarian figures are claiming that the rules they imposed and enforced were an essential pillar of civilized society to ensure all were treated fairly and respectfully. But of course the hypocrisy of that argument has long been exposed. And for a while it appeared that those nations that claimed to be democratic were doing a good job, taking care of their citizens and improving their living conditions.

However, this too has now clearly been shown to be an illusion. In an illusion only illusions are possible! Even in the affluent democracies vast numbers are struggling to feed, clothe, and shelter their loved ones, and this need not be.

Many philanthropic and charitable organizations have pointed out that the vast sums spent annually on defense, weaponry, and wars is far, far more than is required to provide abundant food and shelter for all on the planet very easily.

Unfortunately, many people bought into the fear scenario that claims “If we don’t protect and defend ourselves we will be annihilated!” and still believe that spending vast resources on myriad organizations of a military nature is essential to their well-being.

Now the foundations of this catastrophic belief are crumbling as you see these organizations being deployed to subdue and even destroy the very citizenry it is alleged that they were created to protect.

What you build, you will use! History has demonstrated this time and time again. So it is essential that you understand very clearly what it is you are building, why you are building it, and for what other purpose it could be used.

None of what I am saying here is new information. What is new is that now you are taking positive and peaceful action to correct unacceptable situations all across the planet, situations that are in opposition to the common good. You are using love and compassion, and the strength and determination that they provide, to start the process of change that is a prerequisite for the well-being of humanity and Planet Earth. The divine energy supporting you in this endeavor will ensure your success.

Those who are still in favor of the old ways (divide and conquer) are rapidly diminishing in number. Many of them felt that they were living without options in a system that controlled them, but that nevertheless provided a livelihood, and now they are coming to the realization that they do have options, and they are choosing to exercise them by resigning from positions in the authoritarian regimes that have set them in opposition to ordinary citizens – and truly they too are, and see themselves, as ordinary citizens.

The small hard core remaining, who favor the use of violent and forceful means to maintain what they perceive as an appropriately stable and submissive society, are being bypassed as people free themselves from the tyranny that generations of that kind have imposed on many sections of humanity for so long.

Removing their support is all that is necessary, because without it they are powerless and harmless. There is no honor or advantage in punishing them for their actions (which could not have been carried out unless the general population condoned them), because they will no longer be able to pretend to themselves that they were justified in what they did, and they will have to live with that painful realization for the rest of their lives.

Punishment awarded and delivered severely damages the judges and executors by its very nature, being unloving and unforgiving – in fact merciless – and it is away from that way of being and living that humanity is moving, as a worldwide society of harmony and cooperative enthusiasm comes into being.

The truth about the deceits and betrayals that have been inflicted on people everywhere will continue to be made public to ensure that those who perpetrated them are recognized and consequently do not obtain positions of leadership or influence again. Integrity, honesty, and openness will be the hallmarks of society instead of the meaningless rhetoric of a dishonest and discredited leadership which will now go into retirement, where it can learn the true purpose of human existence – to evolve spiritually, thereby bringing love and joy to all human activities, and ensuring that everyone, without exception, has all their true needs abundantly provided.

As this sensational and transformative way of behaving spreads throughout all of your worldly nations, races, cultures, and religions, acceptance of one another as priceless jewels – each one of you adding brilliant, creative aspects that only you could supply – will become totally normal, as you realize that even in your individuality you are all truly one, creating a whole society of immense beauty and wisdom in which all are honored for what they are – the perfect offspring of your magnificent, divine Creator.

Wonder beyond your wildest imaginings is to exhilarate you all as Love – the divine power of existence – in all Its beautiful ways of showing Itself wraps you in Its eternal embrace.


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