Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-11-19

The Leader Of The House 

Kongrssional Klown Klatsch

Let the Three Ring Circus begin! Beware all Ye Swampies and Scallywags; Here come the Judge:

The Great Disruptor continues to de-construct globalist command and control mechanisms; Buh Bye: 

A brief summary of the Cabals ongoing war with the Lighted Divine Feminine; quite Grokkable:

Are you ready for a Power Point presentation through our Local Universe? Yes, I thought So:

Another [DS] financial tool of intimidation, absolute power...yada, yada. You get the Big Picture:

The Lipstick Pimpernel strikes again in Gods Waiting Room; take it Swami BeyondAnanda:

We’re there already, get over it and demand reasonably priced 'free' Plasma Energy for All:
Creator just keeps coming up with these short, metaphysically punchy daily doo-dahs; Git One:

We close with the ever skillful and humble, Stephanie Austin MA, job well done yet again; Grokfest:

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