Sunday, February 17, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-16-19

 This Is Gonna Be A Whale Of A Full Moon

This just in from Kauilapele, our Being in Hawaii, with the latest, mocha-infused Q Intel:

Epic level trolling by digital artiste, Carpe Donktum; posted on the Chans by Q - grok on:

The Maestro is trolling all the bad actors lately; US.Gov starts recruiting Meme-ologists - Git Sum:

I truly believe that Francis is going bigly public with the Satanic Cult cleanup inside The Vatican:
Today, Dave's X22 Reports are on preparing for the Grand Fnale; grab some popcorn and a drink:

Matthew's latest download via Suzy Ward for your edification and amusement, step right up, folks:

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