Saturday, February 2, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-2-19

 The Year Of Miss Piggy Is Upon Us 

 We're on top of another powerful New Moon; put yer Astro-Cap on and grok sum Eco-Astrology::

Infanticide screed extraordinaire from Lionel; the Columbus Circle Curmudgeon; short and sweet:

Here's a note from Sierra in NZ as Q resumes his postings; Major Stuff afoot, get popcorn:

I do believe Jordan has a bright future as a Fleet Communications Specialist; wise beyond his years:

 The truth of the fake Venezuela crisis is best gleaned from the foreign press; RT is a good choice:

Creator advises extreme Mindfulness and no sloppy Magic; Be Here or Dis-Appear:

This just in off the top of Blossom Goodchild's head: The Federation of Light rocks:

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