Friday, February 8, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-8-19

Thank Me It's Friday

Dutchman Peter B Meyer provides an update on the Fall of the 4th Reich/EU; git sum Euro-news:

Euro White Hats are also busy busting monopolistic CIA front corporations who prey on the public:

Another blatant 'partial disclosure' fail; The SSP Dark Hats are frantic to stave off Full Disclosure, to the sheeple, of their long sequestered Galactic technologies; the gifts Humanity never got:

A great time-lapse video of the southern Lights from Antarctica; amazing visuals, enjoy:

Dave gets it when it comes to the subtlety of the ongoing take down of the Powers That Were:

ECETI James has published his inspired State of the Galaxy speech; grokkable and up to date:

Jordan Sather with his Liberation Updates on all things Q; grok on, Comrades:

Another despicable Team Dark 'wolf-in-saintly-disguise' gets his just deserts; watch his fans:

Gucci withdraws jumper after 'blackface' backlash; I wouldn't even put Gucci on my poochie:

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