Saturday, February 23, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-23-19

David Icke Banned From Lecturing In Australia

David is still deconstructing the bs TD narratives and they are scared shit-less of the truth getting out:

A great article detailing the findings on MMJ if you need any further convincing of it's efficacy:

PCR gives a nod to George Orwell in this look into Washington-speak; enlightening:

Jordan does an admirable job of with his new video software; good red pilling of the LSM:

Again, we owe a yuge debt of gratitude to RT for having the cojones to report real news; git sum:
Truth be told Vlad is working surreptitiously with Trump and Xi Jinping to defeat Team Dark's global machinations. Their respective millitaries are totally coordinating the worldwide Swamp draining:

This court decision is a portent of the imminent de-construction of the IRS under POTUS; Yes!:

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