Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-20-19

Welcome To Q's Coming Out Party

Stop the presses for this latest blast from Britain - Magenta Goes MAGA! git yer story on:

The video that confirms that only Q provides the play-by-play of the swamp draining:

Fnally a transcript of what I consider the current 'Plan' working out from the Q Group to all:

David Wilcock, if you like his style, has just released a very important bit of Disclosure Video:

Magenta seems to be on a mission to support intelligent, non-toxic discussion of Swamp Draining:

I do believe that Tulsi's heart is in the right dimension; she'll be one of the survivors of The Storm:
Well, let's round this one off with some wit and wisdom from JC on releasing doubts and fears:

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