Thursday, February 7, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-7-19

We Are Liberating Prison Planet 

Earth From Team Dark


Thanks to Bro Beckow for digging up this little info-gem from Matthew's Messages; grok on:

I may take exception to some of Ben's assumptions but on the whole he get's the Big Picture:

Sadly, militarized local police, trained by Israeli 'consultants' often treat us just like Palestinians;

This is just another example of a media corporation's suicide by exposure of backroom dirty tricks; "Never interrupt your enemy while he's self-destructing." POTUS (Q+)

More news from our Dumbing-Down-The-Sheeple Files; feeding us poison is big business:

Hell really has frosted over, I've found something to like about Mr. Brady; dietary role model:

Magenta Pixie on Trump, Brexit, Borders and Walls; she's become quite the clear 'channel':

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