Sunday, February 24, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-24-19

Get Ready For Some 

Really Weird Science...


Navy insiders corroborate secret Antarctic Space Fleet &a  mission to Oumuamua; get Zharkov!

Justin Nemos gets his Shungite anti-EMF fix and goes public with his newest addiction; grokkable:

Stargates, Dark Energy, and Manipulating Extra Dimensions (Oh My!): a stylin' Red Pill video:

It makes more sense when you realize that all the Big Bad Actors belong to the same Satanic Cult:

The Navajo Nation would be disingenuous if they accepted this dead-herring of a deal; YaTeHe:

Let the bankster litigations begin; a fitting accompaniment to the unsealed Federal indictments:

Who Rules France? Not the French; PCR can you spell R-o-t-h-s-c-h-i-l-d? The jig is so up:

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