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The Council: Low Energies and Protection

Via Ron Head On 2-16-19

A question has been asked regarding low energies and protection. This has not been, because of his former training, an issue for this channel, and therefore we have not addressed it previously. We see that it is, however, of interest to more than a few. We will have a short discussion of the topic today. Here is the question that was asked:

“How can one protect themselves from lower vibrational energies and prevent them from feeding on the energy at any given time.”

There are a great many ways to address this matter. The obvious place to begin is with the statement that, in the observation of energies, like attracts like. Think of the energetic being that you are as being a magnet. It will bring to itself more of that which it is. Sad will bring sad. Happy will bring happy. And your question brings to the fore, fear will bring fear.

So the direct question could have been worded “How do we protect ourselves from the effects of being fearful?”

There are a great many practices around the world that exist to do this. Smudging is one. Burning incense also helps. Various incantations invoke higher energies. But we wish to speak of this from another viewpoint entirely.

The necessity for any of these things exists only because there may be some lower energy in the person or persons present. There may be wounds. There may be fears. There may be worth issues. There may be guilt, shame, or other low feelings. The aura may be damaged in any number of ways. But whatever the issue might be, it can be solved much more effectively, and perhaps permanently, by raising the frequencies of the persons involved than by any treating of the environment. The actual benefit of those treatments is the creation of a feeling of safety in the persons involved. Almost all of those practices involve a reliance, in one form or another, in something outside of the self. Which leads us naturally into our own viewpoint.

If one learns that nothing viewed outside of the self is actually outside of the self, if one learns that nothing viewed as outside of the self is, nor can be, more powerful than self, then one’s approach can be quite different. One can then know, with certainty, that one has absolute dominion over one’s own field of energy. Notice, please, that we did not say ‘hope’. We did not say ‘plead’. We said know. Therefore, we leave no room for shame, guilt, fear, or any other low energy.

Now this is a state that can be reached. A person may reach it and then revert back to one’s ‘normal’ soon after. But it will increasingly become one’s normal. The guilt will not be there, the lack of self-worth will not be there, the fear will not be there. Even though a person has not fought those demons, they will be gone. Why? Because lower energies will never overcome higher. Dark will never fill a room filled with light. Better said, however, one will have raised oneself into a higher vibrational state in which those frequencies cannot exist, do not exist.

Now this is a process. And it is a state of being that will have to be learned and accepted. You walk today because you fell down over and over as a toddler. Correct?

One more point for those who are ready for it. We have enjoined you over and over to learn and accept that you are divine beings. When you know this, you will know that nothing can overpower you. We repeat, nothing can overpower you. Were something to attempt that, you need only command it to be gone. “You have no power here! Be gone!” You are assuming the mantle of the divine being that you are in truth.

But when you begin to spend more of your life in the higher frequencies, you may begin to forget to use all of those practices that you formerly used for protection. Because the true protection is your own being. There is a power within you. Find it. Be that. Don’t stop until you overcome the barriers in your own minds and realize what you are, until you understand why the Buddha laughed at his realization.

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