Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-19-19

 It's Official: The STORM Is Here

Let's begin today with Stephanie Austin's wonderful Virgo-Pisces Full Moon EcoAstrology Report:

We've got some Real Sauce here folks; the corn's a poppin and the goat butter's melted - KEK:

This is the Full Frontal Super Moon edition of Ben's weekly Report; minimal erroneous assumptions:
Bad science paid for by Team Dark is at the root of so much disinformation it's hard to grok:

This video might be helpful in red-pilling the curious about the coming economic reset; git sum:

This 4 minute snippet from InfoWars might help clarify just what POTUS is up to these days:

I thought it only fitting to give Creator the last word on this glorious Super Moon Tuesday; grok sum:

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