Monday, February 4, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-4-19

A New Moon For A New Earth

Soros NGO's secretly funded the instigators in this psy-op; this is dark viewing but it is of Truth:

Team Dark is cranking up the fear porn in Britain; it won’t change the outcome: BREXIT!

The good news is that ALL the crooked players in DC are under indictment, awaiting the gavel's fall:

Jordan on matters health related; he's quite the green expert in this field - eminently grokkable:

Tired of getting beat up by the Big C fear porn machine? Empower yourself by reading this piece:

Good background info here on the breaking story that will bring down the entire Cabal; grok on:

Sometimes ya just gotta lighten up; we all put our frozen pants on one leg at a time:

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