Friday, February 1, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-1-19

It's Showtime!

He's Getting Ready To Play The...

We begin today with this latest message from Multiple Mike about our Higher Selves; git sum:

Don't worry folks, this looks bad but it won't be allowed to occur; the Ancients are on duty:

Jon's essay puts the current 'fake-education' phenomenon into lighted, logical perspective:

It's obvious to me that this Digest needs some curmudgeonly pizazz; Lionel to the rescue!

An informed and sovereign populace will not permit this to manifest; 5G is weaponized technology:

Brazilian faith healer, John (NOT) of God busted for sex crimes and running baby farms; go figure:

Utsava outlines effective ways to release yourself from the Draco Dark Web on planet Earth; grok on:

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