Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Andromedans: 2019 The Year Of The Light Warrior

 Via Morag O'Brien On 2-27-19

We are here to congratulate you on completing Level 1. The game has changed, as you would say. We witness a new phenomena in Ascension, the intricate fusion of Light and dark matrix. The duality paradigm has shifted beyond previous dimensional measure. Spanning lower realms, the material plane vibrates within the Fourth Realm where previously the Matrix, the reality you perceived, vibrated on the 3D Realm.

Lightbody upgrades assimilate enabling each of you to Ascend to the Fifth Dimension whilst still vibrating on the Material Plane. This is a wondrous event to witness. We commend all those whose integrity has withstood the onslaught of intensive negative energies in the last few months. We are seeing the Phoenix rising from the flames of Divine Transformation.

The unprogrammable were the first to awaken, then each of you surrender to the ripples of Cosmic Lightwaves raising the frequencies of form within Earth and without. To zoom in we see turmoil, the inevitable chaos of a dimensional war. We see auric light emanating from awakened souls. The dance of dark and light plays out on a celestial stage to an intergalactic audience. Yet we are not passive in our observation. We are very much actively involved from ground level up in the liberation of Gaia and her peoples.

We are from the Andromedan galaxy, we are your neighbors. We are in a conglomerate, as you would say, with many other star beings from across the galaxies. There are three who concern our transmission. The Plaeidians, the Arcturians and our Traveller brothers and sisters, Andromedan. We have been operating as teams, Traveller teams, if you like. Skill-sets shared, the mission to save Gaia and, if possible, humanity. Humanity as conscious beings would always have the final say.

Despite divine intervention throughout human history from ancient times till now, your invaders, the enemy within, have had humanities fate sealed. Their mission is to create and maintain hell dimensions on the material plane, earth. Our mission has always been to bring harmony and peace to birthing civilizations. We seek to ease the growing pains of spiritual and technological enlightenment. Many of the civilizations we have guided have been established in peaceful spaces before their ascent to higher consciousness.
We have seen and known earths infiltrators across many galaxies. Their realm is dimensional. The astral in human terms. Advanced technology assimilation with astral conscious led to the demonic AI machine known as the dark matrix. In this tucked away corner of your galaxy, we call it the Askari galaxy, the dark lord himself has been playing out a long, complex and convoluted game of duality, division and deviance. All to sow his seeds of greed, he must hide in plain sight. And this he has done. It would seem many do not believe he exists, despite being confronted with his likeness, his soldiers, his astral entities and walking zombies every day.

The mind control, powered by soul siphoning causes deterioration of the soul in the cloning technologies being used. The soul splintering process has caused more damage to the sovereignty of humanity than was first realized. Whole programs run on slithers of souls operating the organic being. The tortured souls have become overwhelmed by their yearning to be whole again. Shamanic soul retrieval on both sides of the veil, seeks to right those wrongs.

We are an intergalactic group of Ascended Light Beings, warriors, seeders and seers, we bear witness to the horrors imposed on humanity on planet Earth. We are profoundly moved and motivated to free each and every soul from the dark matrix. Long planning went into many of the teams operations; for some have come to light for our Travellers on the ground. The Atlantean Modifications have ensnared many Lightworkers in a lockdown of Consciousness. Amnesia Loops.

The higher frequencies coming through in the next weeks are triggering the last defense of the dark lord against the full awakening, leveling up, of all Lightworkers on the ground. The curse, modifications and spells can be broken in Love Vibration only, with focused intention or Shamanic intervention.

Isolation has been necessary for survival. This is no longer the case. Traveller teams are being connected on the cyber-web and in local communities. It is wise to stay vigilant. The Eye is everywhere. An intrinsic part of the volunteer program was connecting on the Material pPlane. We rejoice in the peace and gratitude many of you are experiencing in communication. The message remains the same…Peace is possible. Within a Quantum Consciousness this Peace is now only possible for humanity in higher realms.
The Annunaki, the enemy within, has begun its own awakening, the dark awakening. We watch timelines roll out of darkness, demons and destruction. The Lght Matrix has been successfully fused with the 3dD Matrix, ensuring a continuum of context for people.

Intensive Astral clearing has begun. Backdoor evacuations have taken place, during celestial portals. The lighter humanity gets the more the 3D Matrix will glitch, go offline, corrupt and crash. With each notch up the dimensional frequency spectrum Gaia rises, the Spider will up his game to retain control.

The anchoring of dark light has begun. Live in the Light of Divine Spiritual Love. Be grounded into the details of human life, appreciate all it has to offer. We are here to stay. We have our people on the ground, truth bearers who will show the way out of darkness for all those who seek balance.

The Astral and its inhabitants are no longer separated by vibration, each share the same space. Healers may find their Inner Shaman stepping out of the shadows. The call to clear the Astral has gone out. Light work burns the dark worker, the hunted becomes the hunter, the tables are turning.

It is Truth that will set all free. The path they choose for their freedom will be theirs alone. Darkness will seduce, entice, bully, coerce and deceive to garner its followers. The Light will only ever offer Love and all that ripples from those frequencies. Each civilization goes through this Ritual of Ascension. We are here for you every step of the way. It is as it should be friends.

In love for all eternity your Andromedan friends.

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