Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-11-19

Stop Making Sense

Time isn't after us...linearity is! From our You-Can't-Fix-A-Broken-Tool-With-a-Broken-Tool File:

Jordan Sather starts us out with some omnibus coverage of the latest Disclosure Follies; Git Sum:

The Deep State Venezuelan psy-op we're being inundated with is somewhat clarified by Greg Palast:

Venezuelan President, Nicholas Maduro sets the record straight with this letter to all Americans:

This is some major movement by Italy against it's Rothschild Central Bank; think dominoes:

'How do we tell the Sheeple we've had the cure for cancer since we gave it to them?' Say Wha?

Its been some time since Adele has posted a channelled messsage; here's her latest from AA Uriel:

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