Thursday, February 14, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-13-19

As Above, So Below

It's Showtime!

Let the First Zen Patriarch enlighten you as to just how 'Zen' this or that is; Domo arrigato:

Divinely orchestrated de-construction of Earths dark web of Draconian kontrol; Arriba!

WHAT HAPPENED IN LA? #SpaceForceExtraction #RedPill78Source #PlanZAverted: Grok On:

Well, goodness me, more dirty financial laundry being aired out over at the Pentagon; Goldman who:

Well it seems James Comey played fixer for El Chapo's bank; ein goyishe macher, whoda thunkit:
News Flash: Your Doritos were developed at a biological weapons site! Start reading labels:

More things I like about Ocrazio Cortex, she's big on organic food, clean air and potable water:

Cannabis truly was a divine gift for a suffering planet; it soothes the Soul with ease and grace:

"And what would be the answer to the answer Man?" Saint Stephen, by the Grateful Dead;

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