Friday, February 15, 2019

This Just In From ECETI: Galactic Federation Update

Via James Gilliland On 2-15-19

There has been a consortium of beings contacting us lately from 13th Dimensional beings on down. Most contacts are with the 7D, 6D, and 5D beings. Pleiadians, Orion Council of Light, Arcturians, Andromedans and Sirians. They are deeply concerned with the direction of Humanity and the Earth and are now activating the ground crew, those who incarnated for these times.

It is said for these times, God/Creator/ Great Spirit has given its best. This process is also extremely agitating the lower realms, those in the lower 4D and those in 3D who have aligned with the darker forces. The Draconian or Archon Grid is dismantling. It is the grid of tyranny, self-serving narcissists who lust for power, wealth and longevity at any expense. Whatever is out of alignment with Universal Law will be transformed or dismantled altogether. This is not wishful thinking this was written about in Becoming Gods as far back as 1982.

The escalation of solar flares, erratic weather, increase in earthquake and volcanic activity along with the upcoming pole shift and the rise and fall of the tyrants has been documented. The Fall of the Tyrants is here. The  many Beautiful Masters, Saints and Sages, Galactic Federation, the White Hats, and Qanon are real. The Creator God of this Universe has said, “It Is Finished”. One only has to monitor the electromagnetic light spectrum if they need proof. Our solar system is moving into a highly energized place in space; it is a natural cycle. We have to rise to the occasion.

A Plan is unfolding which no man/woman can stop. Neither can the unseen negative entities stop this Awakening try as they might, (and they have) they will be unsuccessful. There is so much being done in the Unseen on a positive level which unfortunately most cannot comprehend. It is all about the process of Creation and Manifestation. Everything begins in Consciousness, lowered into Light, then Energy is followed by Mass. In other words, everything you think is real is nothing more than condensed consciousness light and energy.

There has been a lot of mis-creation out of alignment with Universal Law. This is being cleaned up from the top down. The lower 4D is being cleared out along with those who have aligned with and built their kingdoms in 3D at the expense of Humanity and the Earth. Their institutions designed to control and enslave the masses are also being dismantled. If there was a true audit of the trillions of dollars taken from the masses and dispensed to the global elite a revolution would soon follow. Thus, the white hats, yellow vests and entire countries are rising up.

There is a fail-safe mechanism in the Soul. When things hit a certain level of suppression it activates and there has been a global activation. When these stolen assets are returned to the people it will jump-start Heaven on Earth. Power will be returned to the people. Fuel-less energy, anti-counter gravity, suppressed cures and energy medicine have been released. As this moves into the mainstream it will aid the transition. The empires and methods of suppression by the war and disease profiteers will come to an end. The Tyrant’s government of choice is Socialism and those calling for it are backed by the Global Elite. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Lasting change for the better will not come through them, only ever increasing dependencies until the collapse of society.

~ Dream Sequence Alert! ~

While in the middle of writing this news letter I laid down to take a short nap. I passed out after days of hard work digging and plowing the relentless snow. I was out for over an hour. I was taking to a possible future. I was leaving the beach in California. Only the houses on high ground were left due to tsunamis. The houses were no longer owned by the people, yet the occupants were allowed to stay and live out their lives. Home and land ownership was no longer possible due to laws passed by the government. I had a motorcycle and I headed away from the coast. The highways were in disrepair with countless workers just standing around acting as if they were doing something. After hours of maneuvering around constant road blocks I finally left the city. This civilization took a very wrong turn on that timeline. I came across a woman who was trying to leave as well and offered her a ride. We seemed to have known each other. We went as far as we could and stopped at a new development called New Dream. It was a community based on someone’s dream which spread out across the land. Out of gas we had nowhere to go so we made the best of it. There were very large communal buildings. Everyone wore grey. I asked if we could get a shower. There were long lines and lots of rules. The toilets were also in disarray. Doors off hinges some would not flush. The showers were not much better. I asked if there was a place to eat seems we missed that opportunity due to the holdups taking a shower. I saw a cafeteria yet the food looked very bland, processed and not very healthy. I met up with the woman and said seems this founders dream has become a nightmare. The children all wore grey outfits, were very disciplined almost void of emotion. They were separated from their parents who were busy carrying out all the controls and protocols. The main goal was to carry out the dream which obviously was a failed experiment propped up by enforced mind control. People there knew me, I was very well known as a trouble maker warning for years not to go in this direction. To some I was a sign of freedom to others I was a threat. I was told by law the New Dream community had to offer food and shelter to everyone and I had to play by their rules. Obviously critical thinking was a threat. The controllers of the New Dream knew they had to get rid of me. They decided filling my tank with gas was the best way to move me on. I held out for an extra five gallons. The journey continued then my phone rang ending the vision. I pray this never happens. 


Tyrants come in many flavors. Know your history, giving away your power and money to centralized government has always failed followed by genocide, enslavement and deaths of billions. Beware of those in ignorance and unknowing-ness who will promise you everything, as in the beginning of all reigns of genocidal tyrants in the past. Let’s not repeat that experiment. Legislating prosperity for the poor by taking away from those who are prosperous has never worked.

A change in consciousness is the answer. Yes, there is a gross, uneven dispersal of wealth by lesser evolved souls. This will end as a byproduct of the influx of Higher Consciousness, along with the actions of those aligned with it. Again, all actions that have profited at the expense of Humanity and the Earth, those out of alignment with Universal Law, will have a Reaction. “What good is it to gain all the material wealth of the world and lose your Soul”. The soulless will not make this shift. Service to Others and directing energies and assets to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth, will be mandatory to avoid the Karmic Consequences. The insatiable lust for power and wealth, the unbridled greed of the tyrants, will no longer be fashionable or accepted. 

The Satanic, child sacrificing pedophiles, replete throughout the Global Elite, politicians, religious institutions, movie and music industries, will be dealt with very severely. The House of Mary and the Divine Feminine will be big players in their demise. Don’t confuse the Divine Feminine with toxic femininity. Toxic femininity/gender separation is the end goal of the Global Elite along with dividing the races and religions. A lot of healing is necessary with all genders. This clean-up includes the corporate sponsored main stream media which has unfortunately brainwashed the masses through their own emotions and unresolved issues.

Those who lack inner sensitivity and critical thinking have fallen victim to the Division Game. If you want to know who they are they are find the ones screaming the loudest against the White Hats. Your duly elected President, though not perfect, is a White Hat (Q+) along with the majority of the military. He is a necessary Warrior, a brilliant strategist and despite the 93% negative press filled with meritless accusations, has a 52% approval rating. Has anyone asked why spiritually and technologically advanced off world Ships follow Air Force 1? Fox News filmed it.

He will be completely exonerated from Russian collusion and the Democrats will be exposed for their Russian collusion. The witch hunt was based on a salacious Russian document; the real Russian collusion was the  Uranium One Deal,  where a minimum of $145, up to $300 million dollars was distributed to the Clinton Foundation, Mueller and others for the sale of 20% of US Uranium. This is the real Russian collusion, along with the corporate sponsored news burying this information and refusing to cover it.

Let’s not forget the banning and censorship of conservative websites, talk shows and channels privy to this information. The elephant in the room many seem to ignore.   Add the evidence against the Clintons for destroying evidence, bleaching personal computers, smashing phones (all of which were under subpoena) many containing top-secret information, has now surfaced, making it impossible to avoid the legal consequences.  How can anyone in their right mind continue to ignore the evidence and continue to support this behavior? Answer, the fluoride, disinformation and bribes are working; but not for long.

Something that would upset almost all Americans is knowing that the mining of the promised (to the Russians) Uranium was the reason many ranchers lost their lands; some by deadly force. There is a trail of dead bodies concerning those who tried to expose corruption within the Clinton Foundation. The late Seth Rich, a disgruntled Bernie Sanders fan, is the one who used a thumb drive to take and make public, information off the DNC computers including Podesta’s email. Add the information on Anthony Weiner’s Laptop being made public, the videos that dropped hardened police officers to their knees, and it is Game Over. The White Hats and Wiki Leaks will eventually make this known.

There was no Russian collusion with the Trump Administration according to the Office of the Inspector General and Senate Investigations. If the Democrat controlled fake news lied about this what else have the lied about? Remember their game plan is to lie and accuse others of what they themselves have done or are doing, with the void-of-integrity press to back up their meritless accusations. If you want to find treason, corruption and collusion, this is where you look.

The 99 dollar question one should ask is where is the gain in “NOT” stopping child trafficking, and 90% of the drugs entering the US by building a wall; and just who did El Chappo bribe? The answer is too dark for most to comprehend. The wall is necessary for these times; after the shift and when humanity unites it will be unnecessary. The global Reset will level the playing field and third world countries will thrive, once out from under the thumb of the Global Elite. It is almost incomprehensible the changes that will unfold after the Global Reset and GESARA are activated.

There is going to be a great unraveling of belief and structure. Many will drop to their knees when they find out the majority of what they have been told has been lies and their icons turn out to be subhuman. This covers all institutions. What their icons portray is the polar opposite of their actions. Some of their behavior, though being dealt with, will not be made public. Some will silently disappear into an orange jump-suit in an undisclosed location.

In good time all will be made known. This is unfortunately due to a large portion of ignorant masses lacking critical thinking and refusing to acknowledge that their emotions and unhealed past have been used against them. The race, gender and religious division cards have been well played. Eventually people will be judged by their character and actions.  All gender, religious and cultural divisions will fall away to the Truth that we are all Souls, all Family coming from the same Source. The meat suit is just a transitory vehicle.

Be patient, trust there is a plan, the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth is in Godly hands. Know that you are greatly loved, take some time to reevaluate your beliefs and actions. Your tomorrow depends on it. The lack is manufactured, the fear and the separation game in an illusion, time to stand in your divinity

Be well,

James Gilliland

Permission to pass far and wide granted.  

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